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Angry Birds 2 Review A Sling-to-Shoot Adventure Game


The Angry Birds 2 game always makes it to the list of most gamers’ interests. It even topped off the list among the most entertaining casual games. Because of its huge success right after the first version was released, a few versions then came after.

Last 2015, Rovio Entertainment, the genius developers behind Angry Birds 2 game, released the sequel Angry Birds 2. Just as it was released, a lot of casual gamers are interested in this game. And like the original version of the game, it made it to the top of the list of games to play.


What’s New in Angry Birds 2?

Angry Birds 2 PC is slightly better and more challenging compared to the first sequel of the game. The gameplay itself makes the gamers more intrigued, leaving the gamers wanting to play the game more. As for the game’s aesthetics, Rovio made better improvements in the game’s overall graphics and sound effects, including the minor details.

However, not all gamers are highly approved of the game’s new features. Despite the good major improvements, some felt a bit disappointed.
Let’s dive in to know how this new sequel differs from the first version.


angry birds 2 levels
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Multilevel Stages

In the first sequel of the game, you may only be playing one stage at a time. But in the second sequel of the game, there are 2-4 sublevels to each stage, all with different pigs and structures. And that is what makes the game more challenging. You have to strategize and make sure that you choose a bird wisely so you can still use them in the preceding levels ahead.


The Red Bird’s New Ability

You may only see the Red Bird as an ordinary bird on the first version of the game as it doesn’t have any abilities like the other birds. But luckily, on Angry Birds 2 unblocked game, the Red Bird now possesses a great ability – emitting a mighty gust of wind that will force-pushes anything in front of it.


Choose Your Spell

There are now new spells to choose from in this game. While in the first version only has the “Mighty Eagle” that allows gamers to obliterate all green pigs, the new version has 4 more spells that can help you take down the toughest structures and pigs. Among these spells include the Golden Duck, which makes a rain of yellow ducks, the Pig Inflater, which increases all the pigs’ sizes, and more.


angry birds 2 new bird hero


All-New Bird Hero

There’s also a new bird on the block – and that’s Silver. Silver can destroy stones for good. It can also swoop around and destroy things that come in its way, especially if you click on the screen as soon as it flies in the air.


Compete in the Arena

The original version of the game can only be played by a single player. But in Angry Birds 2 play game, you can now play against your friends or anyone in the arena. The arena is an endless level that keeps you playing until your cards run out. When you get to the arena, you can be a part of different leagues and earn “feather” rewards every day.
However, getting to the arena is not easy. You need to beat 25 stages before getting to the arena. Add to that, you can only access it once per day. But you can also play the second time for free if you watch a commercial.


angry birds 2 in app purchases
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In-App Purchases

This feature might probably be one of the reasons why most gamers are disappointed – the in-app purchases. Although you may be able to download the game for free, some features of the game may need you to purchase just like extra lives, crystals, and even Mighty Eagle spell.

With the great improvements in the game’s graphics and animations and its highly-engaging and user-friendly gameplay, the Angry Birds 2 free game definitely is worth playing.

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