plague inc beginner guide

Plague Inc: A Beginner’s Guide to the Most Infectious Game Ever


The end of humanity is in your hands. The only way to end it is to infect millions around the world through one pathogen. So turn on your PC and start playing Plague, Inc.

This game currently is the #1 played game in the world. It’s a global hit, which has earned praises from various organizations like the New York Post, The Economist, IGN, and more. With over 3 million downloads worldwide, you definitely shouldn’t miss playing this game.

If you’re new to this game, this beginner’s guide may be handy for you:


The First Step of Plague Inc

First, you have to choose the type of plague. There are 7 plague types for you to choose – bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite, prion, nano-virus, bio-weapon. For first time players, usually, you’re going to start with bacteria. Then, you get to unlock each plague type as you play the game more. You also get to choose the type of difficulty for the game.


plague inc getting started


Second step…

The next step is to choose a certain country where you want your disease to begin. It’s best to pick a country with the highest population so the infection becomes fast. For beginners, you might want to try China.

PRO TIP: Try to avoid infecting rich countries. That way, the possibility of creating a cure is less.

Once you choose a country, the pathogen will infect Patient Zero (the main carrier), and then the plague begins.

To evolve your disease, you must get DNA points. And to get DNA points, you need to click on the red bubbles whenever it infects a new country. DNA points are very helpful if you want to evolve your disease to make it stronger. That way, you can infect and kill more people. You can click on orange bubbles to get bonus DNA points.


plague inc user interface


Third step…

You have to evolve your virus to infect and kill more people fast. To evolve it, go to the Diseases tab. There you’ll find 3 parts where you want your pathogen to evolve – transmission, symptoms, and abilities. Make sure to choose which mode of transmission, symptoms, and abilities to evolve wisely so you won’t have to waste your DNA points.

PRO TIP: Focus evolving more on transmission rather than symptoms for increased infection rates.

Once you get to evolve your disease, see how your pathogen is making developments worldwide. See if they’re spreading from one country to another. You can find that information in the World tab found on the bottom right side of the tab. There you’ll see specific details on how many people are healthy, infected, or dead, and how much is the percentage of the development of the cure.

PRO TIP: You can check on the News tab found on the upper center corner for the up-to-date tidbits of each country’s actions.

You can also check how each country responds to the disease. You can do that by clicking on the specific country that you want to check. There you’ll see if the country is on lockdown, is doing preventive measures and government counteractions, and is researching on a cure to stop the spreading of the disease. These pieces of information are vital in determining if the spreading of the disease in a certain country is effective or not.


plague inc end game


Fourth step…

Then, do the process all over again – check each county’s countermeasures and evolve your disease. Once there’s no way for an infection to happen, the game will end. And that will determine if you’re successful in infecting everyone or not.

This step-by-step guide gives you simply the basics on how to play Plague, Inc. Keep in mind that although this game is easy to play, it might be difficult for you to win the game. So for you to take on a complete global infection, be strategic and clever when evolving your disease.