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Valheim Beginner’s Guide: Survival Against Freezing Damage


Valheim is quite a fantastic game and one that looks picture-perfect no matter which angle you look at. However, one of the biggest in-game situations is, well, just about everything. Literally, wherever you go, something is out to kill you. If it’s not the creatures that roam at night, it’s mother nature itself that turns herself against you.

In this mini-series, we will take a look at one of the most unforgiving parts of the game: The Mountain. So, what do you expect within the mountain? Ice monsters, wolves, and hypothermia. Lots of hypothermia. If you wish to conquer the cold, consider checking out our review here.

About The Freezing Winds of The Mountain

The mountain is one of the few areas in Valheim which many players consider as the hardest place in-game. One of the main reasons is that it has passive damage called freezing damage. It’s self-explanatory and slowly builds up the more you keep on roaming around the chilly mountainous region. If freezing damage takes a toll, your character will die from hypothermia. If it’s not the hypothermia that will kill you, it’s the ice beasts that roam around here. Additionally, freezing damage also makes you susceptible to even more damage. Remember that.

This is also the place where the Wolf Armor becomes one of the most important outfits in the game. It’s purely because it is the most resistant equipment against Frost. If you have it equipped, your mortality rate goes lower. But, before you go wild and start exploring the mountain, here are some steps to consider.


Valheim Freezing Damage
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Warm Up The Tummy With Honey & Mead

You will need a queen bee. It is something you will commonly find at the beginning of the game. You can usually find one in the meadows. Once you see a beehive, destroy it and it will drop a Queen Bee. There are two ways to destroy the hive: either use your bare hands or use a ranged weapon. If you do plan on doing melee, just expect a small dose of poison. A Queen Bee will give you access to a Beehive in your crafting inventory. I recommend collecting as many Queen Bees as you can.

Once you collect enough Queen Bees, craft the beehives. Take note that you need to keep the beehives distant from each other to produce more honey. Save the honey for your journey to the Mountain. Ready a cauldron and a fermenter. You will need bronze and tin to create them. Don’t forget to place a fire underneath the cauldron so it becomes functional. As for the fermenter, you need to shelter it. It’s recommended to do so in the shade. Use 10 honey, five thistles, one Greydwarf eye, and two Bloodbags.

Search For The Frost-Resistant Wolf Armor

Go to the Mountain and kill wolves to get the armor. Take note that the higher the stars, the better the loot. But higher ranked wolves will likely kill you, so prepare before you hunt them. To start crafting it, you will need six wolf pelts, four silver, and one wolf trophy.


Valheim Freezing Mountain
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To get silver, you need to traverse the mountain. You will have to muster against the cold winds while doing so too, which is why you need to pack up as much mead as you can. The mead will help in suppressing the freezing damage for a specific amount of time.

To make it easier to find the silver ores, you need a wishbone (dropped by the 3rd boss). The wishbone will tell you the locations of the silver via signals. So that’s our beginner’s guide to surviving the mountain area of Valheim. Take these tips to heart when you venture into the cold, mythical world of the game. Enjoy your adventures!