Gardenscapes: An Ultimate Review of the Match-3 Storyline Game


For beginner players or for those who find match-3 puzzle games exciting, Gardenscapes is a great go-to game. With its easy game controls and fun, simple gameplay, you can easily understand how this game works. To put it in comparison, it’s kind of similar to Candy Crush, but even better as you get to design your own garden and follow a storyline.

Dive Into Gardenscapes Pros

Overall, the game is addictive and highly interactive. However, there are a few points that need to be reckoned with. Here’s what the gaming community has to say about this PC game:

1. Challenging puzzles

Definitely one of the pros of playing Gardenscapes is its challenging match-3 puzzles. While it may seem easy on the first few levels of the game. But the more you go on a higher level, the more it gets pretty challenging and difficult to solve. And sometimes, for players who have already reached above 100 levels, they mostly purchase boosters and extra lives in order to move to the next level. So you may need to spend a little moolah if you want to go up.

2. Build Your Own Garden

This game wouldn’t be called “Gardenscapes” if it doesn’t have something to do with gardens, right? Well, lucky for you, you won’t just have to solve challenging match-3 puzzles, but you also have to build your own garden! That definitely gives you a taste of green thumb satisfaction.

gardenscapes game play new acres promo
Image source: Gardenscapes: New Acres


3. Fun Mini Games

The mini-games are a gem, literally. They are fun and nice to play. However, you can play it in a short while and, just like a gem, they’re rare as they only appear after a few levels. And that’s what most players are disappointed about it. But nevertheless, they are entertaining. These mini-games take your time off from the usual match-3 games.

4. Socialize

Unlike Candy Crush, you can definitely join a team in Gardenscapes. And what’s great when you join a team? You can actually ask for extra lives so you can play more. Now, the good thing about asking for extra lives within your team is that you don’t have to wait for days to earn lives again or purchase lives using your money. Another reason why you should probably join a team is competitions. There are various competitions to join within your teams such as the Flying High contest, the Gardener Competition, and more. Once you get to be the winner, you’ll win great rewards that will definitely be of good use.

Get to Know the Cons

Some features of Gardenscapes, however, doesn’t appeal to players. Find out below.

1. Limited options

Now, let’s look at the cons of Gardenscapes. First on the list is the limited options. While this game does let you build a garden, you only have limited options to do it – that is you need to take on challenging levels and purchase more stars and to do one gardening job. Additionally, unlike other gardening games where you can freely do what you like (like planting different seedlings, using tools to clean the garden, etc.), this game only limits you up depending on the task assigned.

And this has dissatisfied a lot of gamers.

2. Misleading ads

This particular drawback has been the talk of the town among Gardenscapes’ players since a lot of players have been tricked by the game’s ads. You probably might have seen it on Instagram or other gaming apps already. Take a look at the add below as shown on Plague, Inc. game.

What did the ad show? Well, it’s very different from the actual game. In the ads, the game is depicted as a survival game where you have to choose the right tool to use, or else the character dies. But the game itself is not about that – it’s simply a match-3 game with different storylines and more gardening. And that is one big disappointment to many players.

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3. Annoying app purchases

While this game may be free-to-play, in some ways, the game lets you purchase a lot, especially when you get to levels 100+ up. Particularly, it lets you purchase extra lives, coins, and boosters. For those who don’t have the patience to wait for days to earn lives back or those who don’t have a team to ask for lives, then you will probably have to buy to play the game instantly.

If you’re patient enough, then lucky for you, you won’t have to pay a single dime to reach higher levels.


Despite the cons of the game, Gardenscapes still is a great game to play. Unlike other match-3 puzzle games, this game will take you on a fun and adventurous gardening journey with many places to go and many characters to meet. Just make sure to keep your patience up so you can enjoy the “free” of this free-to-play game.