The Sims 4: Getting Rich Without Using Cheats


Admit it — you’ve played any of The Sims games with cheats on. At least just once. If you do, then you already know how breezy the game becomes. But what if you want The Sims 4 to play out like actual life? You know, working 9 to 5, having to balance time between family, friends, and your job, and getting through the daily grind. If you want to know more, you might want to read our quick tips here.

Why Should You Play Without Cheats in The Sims 4?

While it’s fun to have it all, believe it or not, The Sims 4 is even more fun if you haul your butt in it. Who knew blue-collar work and taking care of your family could be so fun? According to the developers of the game, it’s how the game is meant to be played. If you find that too taxing, remember that there are worse games with worse grinds (GTA Online and gacha games, anyone?). But for The Sims 4, it’s one of the fun segments.

So, let’s get into the various ways to make money the most honest way possible in The Sims 4.


The Sims 4 Detective Work


Tip #1: Work, Work & More Work

If you need money quickly, you are going to need to find work. Fortunately in The Sims 4, finding one is much easier than the previous installments. You may read the newspaper, go to the computer, check out your smartphone or go to the establishment personally.

What work you want depends on whatever you like. It can be anything from being a generic office worker to something more ambitious like an astronaut. Of course, you will have to start at the bottom of the food chain. But hey, if you have good skills for a specific job, consider yourself an efficient employee and get promoted quickly.

Take note that your efficiency at work depends on your Sim’s aspirations and acquired skills. If you want your Sim to get promoted more, make sure to train them on a specific skill.

You may also top this with a part-time job. Just make sure your Sim has good enough energy to go through both jobs within a day.

Tip #2: Start Off in a Small House

The best way to save up enough money is if you start your family in a small household. Single rooms with one floor and a small lot are always low cost. Although, this is just a temporary part of your Sim’s life anyway. Once you get enough money, you can either upgrade your house or move out to somewhere even better.

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The Sims 4 Selling


Tip #3: Sell Stuff in The Sims 4

If you find yourself still short on money, you can always just sell some stuff through the buy mode. Of course, it depends on how much money you need and isn’t necessary unless your Sim is in trouble.

Alternatively, you can sell stuff based on your skills. Are you an artist? Sell your crafts. Are you good as a cook? Promote an ad online. Is your Sim intelligent enough to create theories? Make them write books about it and sell them.

Tip #4: Become an Authority in Social Media

One of the newest features in The Sims is the ability to become a social media personality. You may either use the computer or the phone to become one. You have various options here including a blogger, a vlogger, or a streamer.

While access to these is very easy, it’s quite hard to get your Sim monetized for what he or she does. However, if your Sim is consistent with his or her social media profile, you might just find yourself boasting with plenty of followers and sponsorships calling you up.

It’s More Accessible Than You Think

Of course, doing these may take up more game time. But trust us, they’re definitely worth it. Buying those fancy stuff with your hard-earned Simoleons is always satisfying — you know, like working IRL and getting enough money to purchase whatever you want.