Toca Hair Salon 4: Tips & Tricks to Become a Great Hairstylist


Released in 2020 as part of Toca Boca’s iconic Toca franchise, Toca Hair Salon 4 is one of the better hair salon simulations in the freemium market. Toca Hair Salon 4 is the fourth installment of Toca Boca’s hair salon franchise under the Toca universe.

Although the game focuses mainly on hair salon activities, it still carries the signature design and animation of the Toca franchise. The game comes with the same activities commonly seen in other hair salon games wherein each activity has its own dedicated station (Hair Station, Beard Station, Face Station, Style Station, Shampoo Station, and Photo Booth).

What makes the game unique is the gameplay presentation. Compared to other hair salon titles, Toca Hair Salon 4 comes with a diverse roster of characters with different characteristics and realistic reactions making each interaction more immersive and fun for kids.

How To Become A Great Hairstylist on Toca Hair Salon 4

As much as we want to dwell on the background of the game, our topic for today is all about the basic tips that will make you become a great stylist in the game. Here are a few helpful tips for you:

Grow & Style

The first thing that you should know about Toca Hair Salon 4 is that it allows you to grow back the hair of your model. This means that you can undo the hairstyle if the reaction of your model is a bit off. With that in mind, to make your activity less stressful, one of the tricks that you can do is to let the model’s hair grow to a ridiculous length.

Doing this will allow you to try out more hairstyles and get more reactions from your model. Moreover, this method will save you a lot of time since you do not need to grow the model’s hair back if you make a mistake. Just remember, try to come up with a style every time you reduce the hair of your model.


Toca Hair Salon 4 screenshot


Cutting Method

It’s safe to say that all the other stations in the game are for the enhancement of the hairstyle you created. In other words, you can use the other stations in the game to make your design even better. After all, the main purpose of this game is to enhance your creativity.

With that said, visualizing the hairstyle you have in mind in this game is not as easy as it sounds. This is because the game comes with realistic hair physics to make the activity more immersive. Thus, you must utilize your tools and come up with your own method of hairstyling. In relation to that, one of the tricks that you can use is to comb the hair upwards and outwards for an even cut.

Play Your Way

Toca Hair Salon 4, is one of those games designed to make learning fun and immersive for kids. There is no right or wrong in this game since the player has full control. Although customers may react negatively, you are always given a chance to improve. In short, Toca Hair Salon 4 is merely a platform that players can use to hone their hairstyling skills. To that end, just unleash your creativity and experiment using the tools provided in the game.