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Outlast Beginner’s Guide – The Best Survival Tips


In 2013, Canadian video game developer Red Barrels unleashed a first-person survival game called Outlast. The game is about endurance and staying alive by any means possible. But unlike other survival horror titles that feature skilled protagonists, Outlast lets you play as Freelance investigative journalist Miles Upshur.

Your mission is to investigate and expose the unethical and nefarious experiments conducted in Mount Massive Asylum. Now, if you are thinking that by some miracle your character will find a powerful weapon, then you will get disappointed. In Outlast, your character is armed with a night vision camcorder with a deep thirst for batteries.

You can run, jump, climb, crouch, and vault over objects but he cannot attack the enemy. In short, you need to become invisible and tiptoe your way toward the end. The unpredictable jump scares will also send you into a panic ruining your plans and strategy. All in all, Outlast is about stealth, planning, critical thinking, and observation.

Much like hardcore games like Dark Souls, death is going to be your character’s frequent visitor. If you want to get ahead in the game, then, consider checking out some of the tips below. Do take note that fear is going to be your friend in this game. This means that the moment panic sets in, the most logical thing to do is run as fast as you can.

Difficulty Setting

The first thing that you should look into is the difficulty setting. Initially, Outlast had a standard level of difficulty. After a few revisions, the game now has four basic difficulties: Normal, Hard, Nightmare, and Insane. While playing in the normal setting, enemies are less conscious of the player’s presence.

Outlast Difficulty Setting

As the difficulty rises, the door closing sound gets louder, The variants are also stronger and smarter, and they can kill Miles much more quickly (with fewer hits). This scenario makes it more challenging for every player to hide as they exhaustively examine rooms and different hiding places.

The Nightmare difficulty will also restrict the player to a maximum battery capacity of just two. These details may look typical but knowing what to expect with each difficulty setting will provide you with a slight advantage.

Escape and Concealment

To minimize pointless pursuit, it’s essential to pick your hiding spot carefully. Outlast’s foes aren’t always as simple-minded as they seem. Depending on the difficulty, your enemies are prepared to search beneath a few mattresses. What at first, appear to be places of safety quickly turn into places to avoid. The final recourse should be to entrap yourself under or inside these things.

Hiding Spot in Outlast

You have an advantage over your opponents because they can not see in the dark. Try searching for a dark area to hide in if there isn’t a bed or a cupboard you may use as a cover. Your major hiding places continue to be beds and cabinets. Find one of them if you spot the person wielding a bat, and hide.

Run for Your Life

Regarding Miles’ talents, you can find solace in the knowledge that he outruns his pursuers. Although the feature is still available, the creators don’t want you to take advantage of every circumstance to do some insane speed run.

Outlast Running

Never sit in one place for very long because the opponents may eventually circle back to the area on patrol. On occasion, you can be in a bad position with an enemy in your way of reaching your next goal.

Slow and Steady Wins The Day

Pacing is essential in every stealth game. You won’t be able to sneak past the numerous deformed monsters running hysterically around each chamber. Since what is waiting for you on the opposite side is always a surprise, entering every door becomes an instant test of bravery. You can open a door by swinging it open.

But for the best options, you will not notify an opponent lurking in the adjacent room if you slowly open the door. If they do hear the creaking of the door, you can quickly slam it close and flee. You’ll be amazed to see that Miles can lean around corners on top of his exceptional skill to open doors at various speeds.

Winning Outlast

Never before has such a basic feature been so crucial. The difference between keeping hidden and having to run like the wind back to cover is being able to peek over a wall just a little bit without exposing oneself to whatever terror lies around the next bend.

Point and Record

You should always have the camcorder ready. Apart from your hands and feet, it is the only tool that offers you an advantage over your opponents. The camera’s capability to focus on distant objects allows you to explore a location or get a close-up of objects of interest.

Outlast - Recording

Miles only takes notes on sights and activities when the camcorder is recording, as well. You should keep the video camera running as much as possible to avoid missing anything if you want to earn the Trophy for collecting all the records and documents.

Glow in the Dark

In Outlast, batteries are gold. They serve the same purpose as gun ammo. You can move forward through the asylum’s darkest parts thanks to the batteries. It just so happens that there are blue things that shine, making it a little simpler to find them.

Glow in the Dark - Outlast

You’ll become accustomed to these things’ distinctive glints and auras during the game and be able to locate them even if they’re hidden in a dark place.


Outlast isn’t a usual horror video game. Preparing some techniques and reading guides can ideally help you escape and win your mission. It’s truly a terrifying match that you should never miss! Again, the goal is to stay alive and conquer your fear! Good luck and enjoy playing Outlast. Explore other thrilling games like Phasmophobia here on PlayPC!

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