The Top 8 Survival Games You Can Play on PC


Survival is a value deep within our DNA. Everything that we do in our daily lives is correlated to surviving. For example, we work to earn money, which we use to buy our basic needs. Making friends and establishing relationships is also a part of survival. So it’s no surprise that we are amused with survival video games, engrossed with the different action and adventure it offers, and so much more.

And there are countless video games that we can play with survival as its primary goal. These titles push players to their limits, which is what makes them popular. If you’re searching for the best survival games to play on PC, you can check out the games listed below. These games will force you to showcase your problem-solving skills while in different kinds of environments and settings. Know what these survival games are below!


If you’re a big fan of titles that revolve around the lives of Vikings, then you’ll become a big fan of Valheim. It was set last February 2, 2021, as part of the early access. The gameplay is more about exploration and base-building in the Viking afterlife.


Survival Game Valheim
Image Source: Valheim Trailer


It offers co-op gameplay, a procedurally generated environment, fearsome boss fights, and more. These elements mesh perfectly with survival elements that we do every day. Of course, you can also play in Solo mode, but it’s much better when you experience it in Co-op mode with friends.


Released last January 23, 2018, Subnautica offers a whole new world of survival and exploration. You get to explore an alien underwater world with your submarine as you lead it to different submerged landscapes. You’ll find beautiful aquatic environments, such as coral reefs, sea caves, and trenches.


Image Source: Subnautica Trailer


At the same time, you’ll gather resources to sustain yourself, build habitats, lead your fleet of submarines, and create the latest technology to help you survive the depths below. Most of the time, it’s compared to other open-world sandbox games, such as Minecraft. But developers from Unknown Worlds made it more unique and exciting for players who love the underwater.


What if you became a tiny human being that needs to survive in a world where everything around you is large and a hundred times expansive? Think “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” level, where you’re smaller than an ant. The early access was first released on July 28, 2020.


Image Source: Grounded Trailer


The story starts when obsidian shrunk you and dropped you in a backyard filled with all types of insects. It might as well be a jungle. Luckily for you, you can build a base with blades of grass, foraging for food and collecting drops of dew to survive.


Stuck in a place where everything is frozen, sad, grim, and unhappy, you’re forced to survive in Frostpunk. You’re surrounded by cold, unhappy, and hungry people that are also looking for a way to withstand the freezing temperatures. So you need to construct a city inside a snow-filled crater heated only by a massive coal furnace.


Survival Games Frostpunk
Image Source: Frostpunk Trailer


You have to hunt for food and lead your people. Give them hope for the future. It’s a beautiful survival game that will confront you with the realities of life in a cold and dark world.


You’re the overseer of a sci-fi colony that you need to manage on a procedurally generated alien planet. Your goal is to expand your base, keep your citizens happy and healthy, and handle the disasters thrown at you by RimWorld’s AI director as best as you can. Some of these disasters may be disease outbreaks, alien attacks, or natural disasters.


Sruvival Games Rimworld
Image Source: Frostpunk Trailer


In addition, you’ll need to make sure that your colonists get along with each other as they have different desires, moods, and personalities. So making sure they get along may be the biggest challenge of them all.


Nobody likes to float in the middle of the ocean on a raft. It’s the most difficult challenge of them all since you only need your onboard resources. But that’s what Raft is all about, where you float and expand as you fish flotsams from the ocean using a grappling hook. Unfortunately, there are hungry sharks everywhere.


Image Source: Raft Trailer


If they can’t eat you, they’ll settle destroying and eating your floating home. And during the whole time, you’ll have to look for food and fresh water to survive while you float. Don’t worry because you can always invite a friend to play with you in co-op mode.

Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included is all about keeping a handful of 3D-printed colonists alive in an expanding underground colony. It’s a pretty easy game to play that’s hard to master and understand the longer you play it.


Survival Games Oxygen not included
Image Source: Oxygen Not Included


At first, you’ll get the hang of the game once you start. You need to manage your colonists’ hunger, thirst, cleanliness, and oxygen levels as they dig out caverns and gather resources. At the same time, they’ll need to make a comfortable and safe home underground.

Don’t Starve

Are you ready to survive the wilderness filled with monsters and beasts? That’s what Don’t Starve is all about. It’s one of the best survival titles that offers stunning animation but with challenging gameplay.


Dont Starve
Image Source: Don’t Starve Trailer

Your goal is to survive the deadly nights while attempting to find food during the busy days. In addition, you can practice science and magic while you keep yourself sane. The sequel is Don’t Starve Together, where you get to play with friends.