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Diablo Immortal Guide to Leveling Up


Diablo Immortal is a mobile RPG that has captured the attention of many gamers. Not because of the game’s overwhelming negative reception from Blizzcon 2018 attendees, but because of its awesome graphics and immersive gameplay. It is, after all, developed by Blizzard. Moreover, Diablo Immortal features an immersive and detailed story, character leveling up, gameplay with other players in real-time, player vs. player combat modes for high-level characters, and social gaming features such as chat rooms and guilds. Therefore, it has all the elements of a classic Diablo game and it can be played on both iOS and Android devices. But you’ll need a Diablo Immortal guide to fully understand the game.

If you’re one of those who are playing this game, then you would want to know how to level up your character quickly to enjoy the best possible experience. You’ll find that there are various ways for leveling up your character depending on what kind of style you have or what you need for your gameplay strategy.

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Diablo Immortal Guide

Below is a list of tips you can follow to level up your character more effectively;

Keep Moving Forward

One of the many features of Diablo Immortal is the huge maps packed with secrets, treasures, and enemies. If you want to level up faster, then the best you can do is to always move forward and avoid exploring every nook and cranny especially if you’ew exploring a huge map. You may think that this sounds a bit off but there is a solid reason behind this method.

Diablo Immortal is modeled after its predecessors in terms of gameplay which means that it comes with an escalating level of difficulty. With that said, if you’re focused on leveling up your character fast then moving forward to the next region of the map will provide you with more powerful enemies. They can provide you with more EXP when killed.

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Massacre Bonus

Another way to earn EXP fast is to do a kill streak combo or massacre. This method when executed properly will provide you with a massacre bonus based on your kill streak. One attribute or skill that you need to look out for to take advantage of this method is AoE or Area of Effect. Furthermore, you need to be patient and time your attack when your enemies form a group. It allows you to inflict the maximum effect of this method with the assurance of more EXP.

Explore Dungeons

A highly recommended method to fast-track your character to a higher level is by grinding Dungeons. Dungeon crawling, for the most part, is considered the best activity to earn experience points in the game. Not to mention that dungeons are part of the story mode, which means you will eventually explore the area. Examples of dungeons that provide huge EXP are the following: Pit of Anguish (Realm of Damnation), Destruction’s End (Library of Zoltun Kulle), Tomb of Fahir (Shassar Sea), Kikuras Rapids (Bilefen), Cavern of Echoes (Frozen Tundra), Mad King’s Breach (Ashwold Cemetery), and Forgotten Tower (Dark Wood).

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Play the Story Mode

As obvious as it may sound, playing the story mode is something that some players take for granted since they’re only interested in the multiplayer mode. Playing the Story mode will provide you with a plethora of items and experiences that you can use in the game. Apart from that, it will introduce you to the game’s elements and mechanics. Not to mention that the Story mode is where you will have your first encounter with dungeons. In addition, playing through the main story will give you a chance to discover and collect legendary items.

The Battle Pass

Of all the methods mentioned on this list, nothing can compare with the efficacy of the Battle Pass. You can purchase this premium feature for $5. Purchasing the battle pass will provide you access to multiple activities that provide a generous number of EXP. You can also earn battle points you can use to level up your battle pass. Doing so will provide you with a hefty amount of EXP.
In addition to the Battle Pass, you can also participate in short quests called bounties. These types of quests are short and easy missions that provide a decent amount of currency, materials, and XP. Bounties are color-coded – Green means inside a dungeon and Blue is located in the open world. You can re-roll each bounty a maximum of three times in 24 hours.

Time to jump back to Diablo Immortal

Despite the disappointing announcement in 2018, Diablo Immortal is shaping up to become a success. The game has managed to accumulate millions of downloads in less than a month since its official launch. To that end, now that you know the basic methods used in leveling up your character with this Diablo Immortal guide, it’s now time to jump back into the game and put your knowledge to the test. And for more news and updates regarding this game, stay tuned only here in PlayPC.

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