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Boku No Roblox – 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners/ Reaching Max Lvl!


Roblox is an online game platform where different people can design their modification or “MOD,” as what is usually called by gamers, of a 3D environment. Once the development of a MOD is complete, it is then ready to be played by anyone in the community and will appear in the list of games available in Roblox.

Though the real purpose of Roblox is to have an environment where different people all over the world can meet and chat with each other, depending on the development of a specific MOD, each game may have its leveling system and gameplay mechanics. However, after a season ends for a specific game, the rank of all players will be reset along with new rewards that each player may receive.

For the MOD Boku No Roblox: Remastered, the game was developed so that your character can either become a hero or a villain depending on the level of fame you have in the game. Having positive fame makes you a hero while getting negative fame will make your character a villain. Killing heroes will make you lose fame points while eliminating villains help increase your character’s fame.

Quick Tips for Boku No Roblox

Though the game is using a fame system to determine which type of character you are, this fame is also a way for you to make money within the game. As your first tip, you must remember to always cash out your fame daily as 1 fame is equal to $1. You can only cash out your fame once every 24 hours so be wary of how much fame you have to cash out for that specific day. Do not worry when cashing out your fame because it will not have an effect on your character’s fame that determines if he is a hero or a villain.

The second tip a beginner needs to know about this game is that, like any other game that gives you missions and quests, you should always finish your quests. When you start a quest do not ever think of canceling it afterward. Do your best to finish your quests because once you cancel a quest, any progress and rewards gained while doing the quest will all be gone and all your hard work will all be for naught.

Your character has a quirk which determines the set of skills you can have during the game. As a tip to beginners, try to get one of the following quirks for faster farming: electric, shock absorption, warp gate, hell flame, or permeation. Any of these quirks are great when your level is still fairly low.


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About quirks, when you want to try your luck to get a better quirk, you will need to go to the hospital and take a spin in exchange for in-game cash or Robux. It is highly recommended that you choose to do a normal spin, by opting to go and talk with Dr. Jennifer, to not waste your resources. This type of spin is cheap, which costs only $5,000.00, and there are decent quirks available in this option. Though you may get the most common quirks, you still have a chance to get a legendary quirk with this option.

Avoid Griefers

Another advice to beginners is to always turn off PVP when you are farming. Since the game is open to anyone, if you turn on PVP, other players can fight you and kill you while you are trying to improve the level of your character. It is best to farm in a peaceful environment.

For your weapon in-game, it is best that you buy a dagger and to max its level out. The dagger is one of the cheapest weapons in the game while also having a very high damage output. With this dagger, you can farm faster.

The next tip that will help you reach max level to your character in this game is that you should put more focus on increasing the number of points you have in your strength and durability. This can be found in the Menu of the game and choosing the Stats area of the Menu. By focusing more on these 2 statistics, you will be able to farm faster. However, put some points into agility from time to time so that your stamina will not be drained too fast when you are using your skills.

Regularly use codes for this specific game. By using codes, you can get in-game cash for you to use in buying stronger weapons. Once you use up a code, you cannot avail of it ever again. As codes are randomly given by the developers, you can just wait around and search over the internet if there have been new codes released.

As you are starting at a low level, one of the best tips that can be given to beginners is to have patience. Everyone has to start somewhere, and by regularly farming and expanding your experience of the game, you will get to the higher levels with legendary quirks.

Lastly, just enjoy the game. Having fun is the main reason why you play games. Relieve yourself of the pressure that you have to be the best in this game. Remember that this game is just like a virtual reality of the real world but with special abilities. Mingle around with all the other players because you may also learn a thing or two from them.