gacha life vs gacha club differences

Gacha Club vs. Gacha Life: HUGE DIFFERENCES


Created by Lunime, both Gacha Life and Gacha Club center their basic framework on detailed character customization. In both games, you can actually change not only the dresses of your characters but you can also add or change weapons, or even change how the face of your characters look like. They both have reward systems that give you resources for you to buy new customizations for your characters.

Though the games may have similar gameplay, players can still see differences in the features added to the respective games. Gacha Life included a unique feature called Life Mode, wherein you can interact with non-player characters (NPCs). You can talk to these NPCs, give them gifts, and even ask them for their backstories. By interacting with the NPCs you get to forge a relationship with them, which you can increase by leveling up your friendship level with them. This Life Mode was not added to Gacha Club.

Interaction Expanded in Gacha Club

However, this is quite a simple feature and lacks a bit of excitement and challenge as compared to the main story battle mode of Gacha Club. In this mode, you will be playing a role-playing type of game, wherein you will have at most 10 characters and 10 pets from your team that you use to fight against enemies and bosses. The main goal is to win each level and receive numerous rewards that may be in a form of experience, gems, gold, and other resources.

For Gacha Club, you will be using these resources to upgrade your characters and pets to be able to beat higher levels. Your characters even have abilities and elemental affinities that you have to consider whenever you go start a battle. Your characters may belong to one of the 8 elements: Water, Fire, Wind, Light, Dark, Shadow, Corruption, and DJ. With these different game facets added to Gacha Club, you can see a wider range of gameplay as compared to Gacha Life.

Since Gacha Club is considered as the newer version of the two games, one can see that it has more features added to it. With regards to the character customizations for both games, Gacha Club has more options available in relation to unlockable characters, clothes, pets, and poses. Even with the accessories, color palette, asymmetrical options, adjustment to placement, and rotation of design elements, you can see that Gacha Club has far more of these available as compared to Gacha Life.


gacha life vs gacha club differences gameplay


With the Studio Mode, which is available to both games, Gacha Club allows more unique characters to be used in a scene. Gacha Life allows only 8 unique characters while in Gacha Club you can use up to 10 characters. Studio Mode in Gacha Life can be considered a bit more basic when you compare it to its newer counterpart.

Gacha Club has even added the narration option that would allow you to tell stories that are in no way connected or attached to the characters you are using in the scene. Even the dialogue options in Gacha Club are customizable since you can change colors, change the shape of the speech bubbles and its location on the screen, and you can even change the font.

Lastly, there is a difference in the mini-games available for both games. Gacha Life has 8 mini-games available while Gacha Club only features 4. Though these mini-games reward the player with resources after playing them, Gacha Life only rewards you with gems that you can use to buy new customization items for your scenes and characters. The reward system for Gacha Club gives out gems and coins which you can use to buy customizations and new battle units that you will be able to use in the main story battle mode.

With the differences between both games, you can see that Gacha Life was created to be the simpler and peaceful one of the two games. Gacha Club was developed to be more challenging and be a battle oriented type of game.