Super Mario 64 Plus Mod: Features & Updates


It’s here, it’s finally here. The long-awaited Super Mario 64 Plus Mod got its final release last April 5, 2021, and it’s significantly better than the lazy remaster of Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo Switch. PC players rejoice as this fan-modded game includes plenty of quality of life changes including 4K 60 fps, draw distancing, v-sync and anti-aliasing, and freshly added game modes that make the original game even spicier. It’s the remaster that Switch players should have gotten. But hey, they don’t call it the PC master race for nothing.

Click here if you want to download the Super Mario 64 Plus mod. It includes instructions on how to fully set up the game.

What Makes the Plus Mod Superior to the Switch Remaster

After the extremely lazy re-release of Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo Switch, fans were infuriated at how barely anything was added into the original game. In fact, it doesn’t even feel like a remaster at all; just a converted game from the Nintendo 64 to the Switch. What made it possibly the worst feature of all is that you will have to fork in a full $60 price on a 25-year old game. Of course, Nintendo still got away with it due to the many ‘consoomers’ that impulsively bought the game nonetheless.

Super Mario 64
Image Source: Super Mario 64 Plus – Release Trailer

For those that felt like the remaster should have been better, Super Mario 64 Plus became the ultimate answer. It’s funny how a group of modders managed to make a much better version of the remaster than the publisher themselves. With that said, Super Mario 64 Plus is also completely free to play – as long as you are willing to do the full installation by yourself.

So, what makes it much better then? I don’t need to list them all down for you one by one although I will mention all the most important features and updates:


Perhaps the most prevalent feature here is the much-improved camera controls. Sure, Super Mario 64 is considered a masterpiece but the Plus mod made it much better especially for the current generation of gaming. The much better manual camera also includes smart features that allow for a more seamless navigation throughout the levels. This creates more refreshing gameplay that makes boss battles and level exploration feel like a new game. Think of it like how Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence allows for a more 3D camera movement than just fixed angles.


Knowing that the game would be on PC, the game recognizes multiple controller support including the original Nintendo 64, the PS3, PS4 and PS5 dualshock controllers, Xbox Xinput gamepad, and the Nintendo Switch controller.

Also, you can fully customize the button layout and the camera sensitivity as well.

New Moves

Speedrunning Super Mario 64 is going to have a new meta thanks to the new moves Mario can now do. This includes the ground pound from Odyssey and the leaps from Super Mario Sunshine and Galaxy.

PC Settings

Perhaps, the best reason why Plus is just a more superior version than the vanilla remaster is its almost unlimited settings that you can calibrate to your personal preference. C’mon, it’s one of the best platformers getting the PC treatment with graphical and gameplay modernity.

Is This Mod Legal?

In technical terms, Super Mario 64 Plus Mod is a very legal mod just because it’s a reusable old game that anybody can modify now. While it may not have permission from Nintendo yet, this is a popular demand from fans and modders alike.

However, if it keeps on getting rave reviews from both critics and players alike, it won’t be long until Nintendo gets jealous and cooks up a cease & desist against the developers. My advice? Get it now before it inevitably gets shut down.