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The Medium: A Bite-Sized Gameplay Review


Launched last January, The Medium is one of those games that you root for in terms of concept and development. However, the concept that allows players to explore two realms at the same time has been around since 2012.

As cool as it may sound, the technology that will bring Bloober Team’s concept to life was non-existent in 2012. Not to mention that rendering two point-of-views at the same time was an offering the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U cannot deliver. Long story short, the concept is way ahead of its time. Eight years and one console generation later, the technology that Bloober Team has been waiting for has finally arrived


The Medium Review
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The Most Ambitious Video Game To-Date

With an estimated budget of 7 million euros, The Medium’s development cost is compared to the cost of other AAA titles. Nevertheless, the skills, talent, and passion of the development team are more than enough to compensate for its limited budget. Personalities like Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka, singer Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, voice actor Troy Baker worked alongside Bloober Team’s composer Arkadiusz Reikowski. They breathe life into the dystopian surrealist scenery inspired by Polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński. This coalition of talented individuals led to the brilliant and solid overall gameplay structure of The Medium.

The Washington Post gave the game a Verdict/Rating of 80/100. They mentioned that the real strength of Medium is how it utilizes the split-screen gameplay to tell a novel-like narrative. More so, since it’s a single-player game. It’s completely unheard of to use split-screen for solo mode, as it’s a concept meant for multiplayer.

EuroGamer also gave this title a “Recommended” rating and mentioned that Bloober Team’s creative engineering made the game a masterpiece in its own right. They noted that moving two realities at the same time is a concept that sounds disorienting. However, The Medium manifested those scenarios masterfully, and it’s more than projecting two scenes at the same time.
The Medium, just like any video game title in the market, also has its own set of flaws. One example is the lack of challenging gameplay mechanics. Critics and players agree that the game comes with easy-to-solve puzzles/riddles. It makes the game more like a walk in the park rather than an exciting journey between two dimensions. In addition, The Medium is also a short game with an estimated 6 hours game time.


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A Simple Yet Effective Horror Title

The Medium’s innovative gameplay and design were positively received by critics and gamers alike. Most of the game’s accolades point to the brilliant musical score, solid narrative, impeccable voice acting, and unique mechanics. The Medium may not be as challenging or as immersive as most horror fans expected. However, the talent and expertise of the development team were enough to provide players with a unique experience. The Medium also proves that Bloober Team is capable of producing awe-inspiring games on a tight budget.

In a nutshell, The Medium is a brilliant game that came up short in terms of challenges. Thus missing one of the most important elements of a video game. Nevertheless, Bloober Team did an exceptional job in the execution of their long-overdue concept. Despite the modest budget, The Medium is visually stunning. It comes more off as an enthralling audio-visual experience than a challenging video game.

Horror game fans and RPG enthusiasts alike might take a liking to this game. It’s worth checking out if you want a unique and breathtaking journey. With that said, The Medium is available for the PC and X/S for $49.99 or free through Xbox Game Pass.