Top Favorite Video Games of The Last Decade


Did you finish the game you were playing or got bored with it? Not sure what to do or which game to play next? Well, not to worry as I am here to help you with that. I have compiled a list of six games that, in my opinion, are the best video games of the last decade. This list strictly contains my favorite games and is not specific to any genre or order of likability. You might be aware of some of these games and some might be new to you. If you don’t know them yet, then you are in for a nice surprise. Check out the list of games below.

God of War

The God of War saga is not known for its complex storyline. Most often, Kratos, the hero of the game, only lives to take revenge on the Gods of Olympus–and does so in a beautiful way. This episode embeds his son, Atreus, into the equation and puts Kratos face to face with his crimes. 

Kratos wants to make his son a better being than him. That is the main topic of this God of War, happening this time in the heart of Norse mythology. A great game, deep, conveying noble values​​, and certainly one of the most beautiful ever made to date.

Mario Kart 8

The video game that can be played by several people to try at all costs? No need to think about it–it’s Mario Kart 8. Hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike are crazy for this racing game. To succeed in taking first place in this competition, you must know how to use all the bonuses you receive during a race, whether it is the cannonball, the mushroom, the ink, etc. Mario Kart 8 is certainly one of the best games on all consoles and eras, with the added bonus of the hero of all Nintendo fans, Mario Bros, accompanied by all the characters from his universe.

Stardew Valley

A farming simulation RPG Stardew Valley sways players with its lovingly designed world, a motivating game system, and lots of fun little mechanisms. The game is the opposite of the trend: bigger, nicer, louder. It is designed to be the perfect escape from the negative aspects of modern life. The motive of self-actualization or self-improvement runs through all aspects of the game. The RPG elements also ensure that we are constantly evolving in what we do. I am especially a fan of countless secrets the game contains. Like Stardew Valley Favorite Thing, which may not hold any significance to most players, but it is a nice little easter egg for those who appreciate the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Continuation of the first episode, released in 2010, where we live the adventures of John Marston, RDR 2 presents Arthur Morgan in a prequel episode. The game tells us about the adventures of the Dutch Van Der Linde band and the drama about the origin of the events from the first episode. The artwork, an open world, is the most beautiful graphics ever seen on a console for a game of this genre. The scenario with small onions will move you and will leave you with an indelible memory. Another masterpiece from Rockstar Games, without a doubt!

Grand Theft Auto V

The GTA series is one of the most maligned in video game history, but it is also one of the most successful ones. The fifth episode is certainly the most successful of all. Three characters share the spotlight in this work which has modestly redefined the open world in video games! We had never seen a game with so much to do! The construction of the main story missions is to die for, while the side missions are often just as crazy and interesting. If we combine this with outstanding graphics performance, then we have one of the best games of this decade. Remember that you can play it by just strolling in town, or the countryside, cycling, quad or taking plane rides, playing tennis, etc.

Borderlands 3

With the success of the first Borderlands 1 and 2, Gearbox Software development studio was bound to produce another sequel, and boy! what a sequel it is. Borderlands 3 is another masterpiece of gaming history that offers even more worlds to discover and an even duller sense of humor. And of course, much, much, much more weapons and equipment to plunder, typical of Borderlands. Moreover, you can take advantage of Borderlands 3 Save Editor to really prop up your characters with better weapons and armor, etc. While some may consider BL3 Save Editor to be cheating, I would argue how it is not any different from using cheat codes in GTA. At the end of the day, what matters is how you like to play the game and if you are having fun.

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