Valorant Yoru Character

Valorant: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Playing Yoru


Previously, we’ve discussed Reyna and her abilities. Now, we’ll take a look at one of the latest Agents in Valorant and the first new Agent of 2021: Yoru. With hard fragging skills in his kit, Yoru is considered as an aggressive type of Duelist that gives him plenty of advantage when he plays as the Attacker. It’s also all about mind games when playing Yoru as your abilities mainly focus on making enemies bluff and creating sound diversions. Alas, let’s check out his abilities and how to use them properly.

Why Choose Yoru When Playing Valorant

Yoru is a hard fragger who works best in solo. He’s a great flanker with skills that let him take control of the map while manipulating enemy plans, making them think that Yoru is just about anywhere at the same place.

He was the latest Agent in Valorant to be released in 2021 back in January, and he’s been thoroughly used in High Elo ranked matches. Certainly, he’s going to be a big dog in the esports scene. So, if you like an Agent with a high skill ceiling and has the advantage of map knowledge, Yoru is your guy.


Valorant Yoru Fakeout


First Skill: Fakeout

Cost: 100 per charge

Fakeout is the first skill and one of his most important skills to make enemies think twice before committing anything. Fakeout mimics his footsteps, making enemies hear an enemy agent run. It’s a great skill to activate if you are within an angle and you want to force out an opponent from their position. This skill aims to do just that, misleading enemies to a different position.

You can see where Fakeout is going based on the footsteps on the ground. Your teammates can see it too.

However, not only does it just create a diversion, but it is also used to trigger enemy deployments too. It can be used to draw out Cypher’s trap wires and cyber cages, Killjoy’s turret and alarm, or even Raze’s boom bot.


You may either activate the Fakeout immediately or place it somewhere and activate it remotely like Cypher’s Cyber Cage. It’s also great to bait out opponents on a bombsite while planting on another site. If you are a stealthy type of player, this skill works effectively. The best way to do it is to open the map, track the Fakeout towards the opposing bomb site, and then activate as you plant on different areas.

This skill is also effective if you are playing as a Defender in Valorant.

Second Skill: Blindside

Cost: 200 per charge

This skill is just a flash, but you will need to bounce it off any surface to activate it. You may either use it on a 1v1 or for escapes.


If you are anticipating a duel, do a pop flash. You can do that by looking down on the ground and toss it there.

Third Skill: Gatecrash

This skill doesn’t cost anything because it’s his passive ability. It’s a teleport device that you can either move it forward gradually or stationary. You have 20 seconds to go back into it. However, enemies can destroy it.


Valorant Yoru Dimensional Drift


Ultimate Skill: Dimensional Drift

His ult costs seven ultimate charges. What it does is it puts Yoru in a void drift wherein enemies won’t see him at a long distance. During this 10 second period, he is invulnerable to damage. Also, take note that your vision will be slightly impaired during this time, so make sure to use it wisely.


The best time to use this skill is when you are behind enemy lines. Furthermore, it’s great for scouting enemy positions and giving them away to your teammates using the ping. If you are going to fight, make sure you have to Gatecrash somewhere secluded where enemies won’t see it.


Yoru is a tricky duelist to use in Valorant. But once you already know what he does, you’ll become a huge asset to the team thanks to his scouting ability and his great bait abilities.