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Nobody Saves the World Tips – Game Tips for Newbies


A fun and action-packed RPG dungeon crawler that you can play is Nobody Saves The World. It’s a game developed and published by DrinkBox Studios. You will play a character named Nobody who wields a magic wand that lets him transform into dragons, magicians, or robots. This will help you progress in the game and acquire more abilities to use. Though the game seems simple enough to play, it can still be challenging for beginners. So Nobody Saves the World tips are crucial to excel.

We’ll provide some tips and information on things that you need to know as a beginner playing this action RPG.

Nobody Saves The World Tips For Beginners

It’s fun to play Nobody Saves The World, even if you’re a beginner. But there are things that you need to know to help you play the game better.

Pay Attention to the Wards of Enemies

One of the things that you’ll encounter as you play Nobody Saves The World are warded enemies. They are enemies that are equipped with special shields that can only be broken by certain damage. You will get a warning on the type of wards you’ll face before you enter a dungeon. It’s important because it will allow you to properly equip the right forms to help you deal with warded enemies.

It’s also important to take them out first during battles. You will have an easier time dealing with other enemies if warded enemies are gone already.

nobody saves the world ward breaker


Collect Fairies You Encounter

Another thing that you should remember is to always keep an eye on the fairies you encounter in the game. They’re very important because they can permanently boost your mana. These will allow you to cast spells or use abilities more. It will help you greatly when facing enemies, especially in the tougher dungeons. You will need to spam abilities, and having more mana allows you to do that.

So, be on the lookout for fairies and collect them whenever you see one. Try to collect them all to have tons of mana, later on, to use in the game.

Nobody saves the world fairy
Image Source: Collect the Fairies in Nobody Saves the World


Always Break Everything that You Can Break

Breaking things is also important in Nobody Saves The World. You will need to break as many things as you can whenever possible. Not only could you possibly get fairies inside these things but you could also get different items. Nobody Saves The World features a lot of different items available and many of them are hidden inside these breakable objects.

It’s why you need to break everything you can break. Who knows what you might find hidden inside these objects?

Nobody saves the world break things
Image Source: Nobody Saves the World Full Walkthrough


Be Wise When You Upgrade

Upgrading is one of the most confusing things in Nobody Saves The World. It’s because of the many different upgrades available. You will have a variety of builds to try in the game. And the upgrades you’ll do will determine it. Trying to upgrade all is not viable as well because you need Upgrade Coins. They’re not easy to find and some of the upgrades will require more than one Upgrade Coin.

It’s why you need to decide early on the kind of build you want for Nobody. Take time to read the different upgrades available. Some useful upgrades include those that reduce mana cost, increase power, and improve healing.

Nobody saves the world upgrade


Focus on Completing Form Quests

You will encounter many different quests in Nobody Saves The World. But the most important one you need to focus on are the Form Quests. These are the quests where you will complete objectives for the forms that you have. It’s important because it’s the only way for you to level up your forms and unlock all of its abilities. So, you will need to prioritize these quests first.

Form Quests are easy at first. But as you progress they become harder and harder. Many of the quests usually require that you use a form’s abilities.

Nobody saves the world quests


Don’t Forget to Use the Map

The map in Nobody Saves The World is very useful. You might think you won’t need it as you play since you can easily figure out where to go. But you’ll be surprised at how often you’ll find yourself lost or not knowing where to go. And this is where the map will come in handy. It will help you find the right way or path you need to take. The map is also a good tool to help you locate certain areas of interest like dungeons.

Nobody saves the world map


Don’t Be Scared to Stray off the Path

Since you’ll use the map often, you should not be scared to try going off-path to further explore the area. Nobody Saves The World features many secrets and hidden treasures or quests. But you can only find many of them if you’re willing to explore, especially off the usual path you’ll take.

Nobody saves the world path


Use the Nobody Saves the World Tips to Effectively Play the Game

Nobody Saves The World is an awesome action RPG. Though everyone can easily figure out the gameplay, it would still be best if you’re aware of certain things if you’re a beginner. The tips provided above will help you get started properly when you play this awesome dungeon crawler. But if you’re looking for more reviews and guides about other games, stay tuned here in PlayPC for more.

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