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Monster Legends: Breed & Collect – A Strategy Guide


If you enjoy playing role-playing strategy games, then you will likely enjoy this game. Titled Monster Legends: Breed and Collect, it’s a strategy game published by Socialpoint. In this game, you play the role of a monster breeder where you breed, merge, and collect different monsters. Then, form a team with those monsters and battle against other monster breeders.

The goal in this game is to be the best Monster Master, forming a powerful team of monsters that can deal with any battle. As simple as it sounds, it’s not an easy feat to achieve. Many factors will determine your success in Monster Legends. Chief among them would be using the right strategy to win during battles. To help you with that, this article will provide you with a Monster Legends strategy guide. It will help you come up with the best strategy to use in the game.

monster legends gameplay
In-game Screenshot: Monster Legends Gameplay


Be Aware of Your Opponent’s Elemental Affiliations

One of the best ways in coming up with a winning strategy in Monster Legends is to know the elemental affiliations of your enemies’ monsters. Each monster in this game will have an elemental affiliation, which means they will have an advantage over certain monsters. But this also means that they will have a disadvantage against certain monsters.

For example, if your opponent monsters have elemental affiliation with Thunder, it means it’s weak against Earth but strong against Water. Or, if the opponent monster has Dark elemental affiliation, then it’s strong against Earth but weak against Light. Knowing the elemental affiliation of your opponent’s monsters will make it easier for you to come up with a winning strategy.

Know the Skills of Your Monsters

It’s also important to know the skills of your monsters. Each monster in Monster Legends will acquire unique skills and knowing them and what they do can help you properly strategize. Make sure the skills of the monsters you put in your team will complement each other. For example, a monster with a special skill can inflict maximum damage to a single target. You can support that with monsters that can damage multiple enemies at once.

monster legends ability
In-game Screenshot: Understanding your monsters ability can help you strategize better

This combination will allow you to lower all of your opponent’s health while that one monster can take out a target. If you focus only on using monsters that target a single enemy, you might be at a disadvantage against certain teams. While your monsters may be able to take out 1 enemy at a time, you might deal with an opponent that deals damage to all enemies. So, knowing your monster’s skills and abilities will allow you to properly strategize.

Don’t Forget About Items

It’s also important that you include items when you’re creating your strategy. There are many items available that can help you greatly during a battle in Monster Legends. There are special attack items, healing items, and defense items. The special attack items can deal good amounts of damage to enemy monsters. While the defense and healing items can help your monsters greatly. So, don’t forget to use them during battle.

Always Level-Up Your Main Monsters whenever Possible

Regardless of what strategy you use, you’ll always be at a disadvantage if you deal with high-level monsters. This means you’ll also need to level up your monsters to compete with high-level monsters. Feeding your monsters is the fastest way to level them up. So, make sure you feed them as often as possible. It’s also important to remember that you need to focus more on your main monsters.

Your resources may be limited, so you need to make sure you use most of them on your main monsters. They’re the ones you use for battle anyway, so might as well focus on developing them.

Collecting, breeding, and leveling up your monsters may not be an easy task, but doing so will positively help you in winning your battles. Try these tips in your next Monster Legends battle now!