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Top 5 Best Quiet Gaming Keyboards in 2022


If you are a fan of playing video games that require an incredible amount of focus, you will need a high-end gaming keyboard that will supplement to your uninterrupted gaming enjoyment and fun. But not all keyboards are created equal, mainly when external variables are at play. Sometimes, it is annoying and cringe-inducing when your focus on the gameplay is affected because of bad keyboard functionality. Thankfully, you visited PlayPC just in time for we will tell you about the best keyboards to prioritize.

When it comes to keyboards, not all aesthetic specifications offer a heavenly gaming feel. So, we will talk about the current keyboard choices in the market that you can try. We will feature the top 5 best quiet gaming keyboards proven and tested by players. Each of them differs in weight, ergonomics, and internal specifications, but in matters of convenience, they are as good as you may expect. They are not just known for their aesthetics but also their gaming utility. Without further delay, let’s dive into it.

Top 1. Razer BlackWidow Elite

First on the list is this well-priced and well-built gaming keyboard that deserves its name is Razer. As one of the elite gaming keyboards, any experienced player can testify to its convenience. It bears a weight of just 3.69 pounds from its premium-level keyboard. You can choose to work with Yellow or Orange switches that make up the impressive aesthetic. Plus, the tactile key presses boast a completely silent feel. If you are in a physical setting of a close game, no one will ever notice your fingers.

Another feature that makes this keyboard loved by experienced players is its lighting customization. It shows the impressive aesthetic feel when being put in a cozy room. It is suitable for those who stream themselves while playing their favorite game. Streaming yourself with hearable loud background clicks is annoying. However, this gaming keyboard saves you from shame or time-consuming video edits.

Gaming Keyboard - Razer BlackWidow Elite


Top 2. Corsair K70 RGB Mk. 2

Many experienced gamers will associate Corsair with high-quality computer products. This gaming keyboard is not different from the stereotype prevailing in the gaming industry. It shows an aluminum frame which makes it durable for intense gaming situations. Imagine having surprising twists in the gameplay, and you will break a keyboard. However, the durability of K70 is to be trusted with its 2.76-pound weight. It also has pre-installed software that stores profiles in its keyboard memory.

Corsair Gaming Keyboard


Top 3. Fnatic miniSTREAK

This Fnatik gaming keyboard is one of the lightest, with its 1.55-pound weight. Despite being a little keyboard, it works aggressively and withstands hundreds of keypresses. It is even known and popular in competitive games like League of Legends and DOTA. One reason for its durability is its board with fiberglass. If you have a problem with hand coordination each time you play, this gaming keyboard has it fixed. Fnatic also has a leather wrist support that will aid you while playing.

Gaming Keyboard Fnatic


Top 4. SteelSeries Apex Pro

SteelSeries Apex Pro is one of those gaming keyboards you want to brag about your gaming workspace. With its highly customizable RGB lighting, it gives warmth to your environment as you play. It also enables you to store up to five user profiles with its anti-ghosting software.

Despite that lightweight feature, SteelSeries’ durability is evident in its aluminum case. Many players would rather have a bigger-sized gaming keyboard each time they play. If you are one of these players, this is the keyboard that you need to have. It uses Cherry MX Brown switches which makes clicking sounds unstealthily. But overall, it deserves a spot on your desk because of its convenience. Surely, this keyboard still deserves a spot on our list compared to other gaming keyboards.

SteelSeries Apex Pro - Keyboard


Top 5. Logitech G915

Logitech G915 is one of the best quiet gaming keyboards with its wire and wireless option. Although not as quiet as the top 4 gaming keyboards we mentioned above, it has a sleek look supported by its durable frame. This keyboard also has its own proprietary switches that underlie the blend of tactile and silence. We can still consider it one of the best because of the distinctive features it provides to the user.

This gaming keyboard, unfortunately, doesn’t have the advantage from a software standpoint. This makes some of your lighting effects lose their presets between sessions. It is also a fairly expensive gaming keyboard to have if you’re on a budget. Understandably, you need to pay more for a product that provides a high-performance experience.

Logitech G915


Bottom Line

The best quiet gaming keyboards we suggested here are just parts of the gaming setup above your desk. However, they play a vital role in your overall gaming performance. These are the sound suggestions we have so far, which are subject to change. For more updates about gaming keyboards and related gaming equipment, stay tuned here in PlayPC.


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