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The 5 Best Open-Back Headphones for Gaming in 2023


As video games become more and more realistic, gamers are looking for a more interactive approach to things. For the most part, most players want to feel as if they are one with the game they are playing. Aside from virtual reality headsets, gaming giants like Sony are producing peripherals that will make gaming more immersive. The DualSense controller, for example, packs a ton of features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that makes in-game activities as authentic as possible.

These controllers are just part of the elements that make gaming feel more authentic. In fact, without the proper ambiance, the features of the controller will become less relevant to the entire experience. This is why gamers are also on a hunt for the best headphones that they can use to experience total in-game immersion. This is where open-back headphones come into play.

What are Open-Back Headphones?

Open-back headphones have been around since 1968 with German company Sennheiser credited with the production of the very first model. Open-back headphones are basically similar to closed-back ones when it comes to design. The only difference is that the open back comes with an exposed back of the earcups. This distinct feature provides natural audio because it allows ambient sounds into the headphone. These headphones are also some of the most comfortable to wear when it comes to gaming for long periods. Moreover, open-back headphones remove the sense of isolation that is common to closed-backs.

Open-back headphones vs close back
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In summary, open-back headphones are best for those who want an open-air or natural experience when gaming. In line with that, if you are one of those players who’s looking to get one of these headphones, then you are in luck as we listed 5 of the best open-back headphones you can purchase today.

The 5 Best Open-Back Headphones for Gaming

Check the 5 best of the best open-back headsets to use while playing games.

5. Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3BK

The Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3BK is dubbed as one of the most comfortable headsets for those who wear glasses. This lightweight and breathable open-back gaming headphone weighs about half a pound and comes with a detachable microphone. On top of that are the cushy earpads, replaceable head pads, and two detachable cable adapters for PC and consoles. Despite the comfort, the headphone has average sound quality. Thus, getting this headphone will have you choosing over comfort or quality. You can purchase this on Amazon for $129.00.

Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3BK
Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3BK open-back gaming headphones


4. Philips SHP9600MB

The Philips SHP9600MB boasts premium construction with sound quality to match. This headphone comes with a detachable cord, and a detachable microphone, along with 6.3mm and 3.5mm connectors. Its ventilated back performs very well in eliminating vibrations and echoes. On top of that are the breathable ear cushions and adjustable head pads. One downside is that the ear cushions are not replaceable. Nevertheless, this peripheral delivers superb sounds that will make gaming as immersive as possible. Get the Philips SHP9600MB open-back headphones on Amazon for $99.99.

Philips SHP9600MB
Philips SHP9600MB open-back gaming headphones


3. Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO

The Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO is considered one of the best-reviewed open-back headphones on Amazon. This peripheral boasts over 16,700 ratings of which 83% fall in the 5-star category. Despite not having a microphone, customers praised the headset for its superb sound. This headphone comes with replaceable velour ear pads for high comfort, a German technology build, and 80-ohm headphones. It weighs 250g without the cable and comes with a mini-jack plug and a 6.35mm adapter. You can get the Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO headphones for $139.00 on Amazon.

beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO
Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO open-back gaming headphones


2. Samson SR850

The Samson SR850 is the cheapest open-back gaming headphone on our list. Nevertheless, its cheap price does not really translate to low quality. This headphone comes with lightweight velour earpads, 50mm high-sensitivity drivers, and acoustically tuned chambers. Despite lacking a dedicated microphone, this semi-open back headphone has been praised for its superb sound quality. All thanks to its breathable and comfortable over-the-ear design. You can get the Samson SR850 headphone for $34.99 through Amazon.

Samson SR850
Samson SR850 open-back gaming headphones



The top open-back headphone on our list is the SENNHEISER HD 559. As being made by Sennheiser (inventor of open-back headphones), you can expect the best sound quality for gaming. You can easily connect the headphone to your PC or console without any hassles. It also comes with replaceable head pads and is powered by Sennheiser’s proprietary Sennheiser 38-millimeter, 50-ohm transducers.

Sennheiser HD 599
Sennheiser HD 599 open-back gaming headphones


The only downside to this headphone is its plastic build which, for the most part, makes it look cheap. Once you get over that, you are in for one of the best ambiance-producing peripherals in gaming. You can get the Sennheiser HD 599 headphone at Amazon for $79.99 (47% off).

There you have it, our list of the 5 best open-back headphones that you can get in 2023. From gaming chairs to keyboards, most gamers are looking for the best in both value and quality. If we missed some peripherals or you have a suggestion, feel free to write it down in the comment section below.

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