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Brave Nine Tier List – The Best Mercenaries in Each Class Role


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Brave Nine is a turn-based tactical role-playing game with gacha elements published by Neowiz Games and developed by GAMFS. Formerly, this game was known as Brown Dust, but due to various tweaks and updates, the devs decided to rename it to Brave Nine.

The main focuses of Brave Nine are forming your team and your combat tactics. If you want to develop an effective party or team that can help you withstand all your foes, it will be best if you know the mechanics of the game first, especially the units, also known as mercenaries in the game.

In Brave Nine, the units or heroes used in the game are called mercenaries or mercs. The game has four class roles: Warrior, Defenders, Magicians, and Supporters. Of course, each role depicts its unique skills, powers, and rarity. If you wish to conquer the game and form your party with the best mercenaries, let the Brave Nine Tier List help you out.

Brave Nine Tier List – The Best & Worst Mercenaries

Generally, there are loads of Brave Nine characters available in the game, and figuring out which among them are the best mercenaries to invest in is quite challenging. To shorten your search time for the best units to play, let this Brave Nine Tier List help you.

In this Brave Nine Tier List, the mercenaries are classified according to their respective roles and sub-divided into five tiers; S, A, B, C, and D. Like the typical tier lists, the S-Tier units are the overpowered ones, while the D-Tier are the least heroes.

So, without further ado, here are the best and worst mercenaries in each class role;

Brave Nine Tier List – Warriors

If you’re looking for high-DPS mercenaries, then you should start looking for Warriors in Brave Nine. Also, this class role provides extensive damage to your opponents. If you’re following the good rule of thumb, you usually place them along with Defenders in the front line, as Warriors are known to be extremely strong and suitable for tanking. Here are the best and worst warriors in Brave Nine;

  • S – Seto, Dalvi, Corvette, Foxy, Edin, Alec, Hanya, Anastasia, Alche, Valzé, Angelica, Wilhelmina, Ventana, Siegmund, Jin, Zakan, Slain
  • A – Rogan, Ridel, Octavia, Camilla, Brisa, Beatricé, Horan, Gunther, Barbara, Deka, Cordelia, Christina, Kanna, Dwen, Dr. Morgan, Elija, Eleaneer, Scarlet, Eizen, Kiria, Kaina, Eunrang, Maxwell, Marron, Lyudmila, Leto, Lian, Larkis, Kry, Krull, Victor, Taylor, Susayra, Wiggle, Viola, Ron, Niya
  • B – Xenon, Kozak, Farrel, Rigenette,Rai, Lydia, Karin, Karg, Yuri, Thalos, Sizka, Mia
  • C – Blaze, Maya, Dominique, Orienne, Kellan, Varion
  • D – Ingrid, Bran, Natalie, Naja


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Brave Nine Tier List – Defenders

Similar to Warriors, Defenders are known to be tanks with an efficient amount of HP and defense. With that said, you can use the mercenaries under this class role if you wish to block the attacks of the enemy and protect your teammates. Most of the time, Defenders are also equipped with healing attributes making them more useful during the battle. Here are the overpowered and fragile Brave Nine characters under the Defenders class;

  • S – Aaron, Mamonir, Ledakrad, Seir, Ludia, Lecliss, Arkan, Lucius, Zenith, Granhildr,
  • A – Ayan, Astrid, Arwen, Gaius, Fredeica, Cecilia, Britain, Antonia, Acha, BDM N-0524, Denarisa, Iris, Horas, Grosa, Cecilia, Sloan, Rafina, Mora, Gloria, Glacia, Deomaron, Kaoli, Joseph, Grace, Ymir, Martius, Martina
  • B – Arlos, Vermont, Mercedes, Aiela, Exile, Benshina, Kaylin, Bellasier, Baine, René, Orphina
  • C – Jacklin, Calorone, Yuria
  • D – Carlson, Rosa, Kaci, Miné, Tiara


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Image Source: Brave Nine Gacha Pulls


Brave Nine Tier List – Magicians

If you’re looking for the Brave Nine best characters that depict AoE attacks, then you should consider Magicians. Mercenaries in this class can help you eradicate your opponents by group. Though Magicians can offer damage and support to allies, they are known to be physically weak and highly recommended to be placed at the back of the warriors and defenders. Here are the most formidable and least Magicians in the Brave Nine Tier List;

  • S – Levia, Edwin, Chalkle, Helga, Elisé, Velfern, Lillian, Hijin, Hell, Celia, Helga
  • A – Dr. Logic, Claudia, Nartas, Catherine, Bruno, Bathory, Nerua, Eldora, Charlotte, Anubis, Aie, Magnus, Lumen, Garinoth, Valtor, Naius, Agaron, Morgana, Magnus
  • B – Alicia, Melody, Lorang, Jayden, Lucrezia, Noel, Freesia, Esther, Leah, Kyle, Zarka, Ors, Lufel Maria,
  • C – Marlene, Wester
  • D – Asera


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Brave Nine Tier List – Supporters

If you’re wondering which mercenaries can help your team in debuffing opponents and buffing or healing allies, then you must add a strong Supporter to your team. Take note that Supporters are not as strong as the other class roles mentioned, but you can still count on them if they are utilized strategically. Supporters are typically placed at the back of the team. Here are the most potent and unsatisfactory Supporter mercenaries in the game;

  • S – Mandolin, Stella, Naressa, Beliath, Asmode, Galania, Floria, Hyeon Wol, Ceres, Venaka, Laura, Kuwik, Walya, Refithea, Veronia
  • A – Mary, Hephaesia, Delsahidne, Claris, Helena, Ebony, Arines, Themis, John, Ino, Michaela, Vincent, Albion, Serendia, Sabrina
  • B – Isabel, Anais, Eras, Elijah, Sarubia, Lulu, Julie
  • C – Daniel, Seol Ah, Eunice, Edan
  • D – Elaine, Cynthia, Velona, Pierre


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Create Your Optimal Party Using the Brave Nine Tier List!

If you want to strategically conquer all your battles in Brave Nine, you must start investing in the best mercenaries mentioned in our Brave Nine Tier List. By knowing the Brave Nine best characters in each role, you can quickly figure out which mercenaries effectively suit each task.

So, are you looking for more helpful tier lists like this? Check out more guides here at PlayPC!

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