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5 Best Gaming Chairs Under $100 Every Gamer Must Buy


Whether you are a casual or a badass professional gamer, having a satisfying yet comfortable gaming setup is truly heaven-sent, especially when you wish to have a long session playing your favorite game. One factor that affects every gamer’s gaming experience is the gaming chair, and some players mistakenly perceive that to have the best gaming chair, you must invest in something “costly.” However, there are Gaming Chairs Under $100 that one can choose from instead.

Since budget is no longer a problem in order to achieve the best gaming chair, you no longer have to settle for something lesser that brings discomfort. It’s possible to choose something comfortable without spending hundreds of bucks. The same goes for accessories, such as keyboards, mouse, and ring lights. So, without further ado, here are the best Gaming Chairs Under $100;

1. Homall Gaming Chair

Landing on the first list of our best gaming chairs under 100 is Homall Gaming Chair. If you’re looking for a good-looking gaming chair with excellent ergonomics up to its footrest, then this one’s for you. Like the usual gaming chairs, Homall has its own waist and headrest. It also features an accessible footrest making your gaming session even more comfortable.

The only downside to this gaming chair is it can possibly bend if you’re too heavy, especially if you wish to play cross-legged, folded leg, or any way you want. However, it is still worth buying as it offers a comfortable waitress suitable for lengthy gaming sessions. You can buy this fantastic yet comfortable gaming chair for $114.99 to $149.99. And you can have it in Blue, Black, Green, Purple, Red, and Gray colors.

Homall Gaming Chair
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2. SMUG Gaming Chair

Joining the list of best gaming chairs under $100 is the SMUG Gaming Chair. It’s a gaming chair that can be used both in gaming and the home office. What is more impressive about this gaming chair is that you can assemble it for at least 15 minutes and customize it according to your needs.

If you’re looking for PC gaming chairs that can give you a high level of comfort, you must not miss having this in your gaming setup. It is equipped with a wide seat covered with soft foam padding, allowing you to move more freely. This gaming chair is covered with synthetic leather, and you can recline it quickly, making your gaming hours more breathtaking. Does this gaming chair suit your needs? You can have this from $79 to $106.99, depending on your choice of color.

SMUG Gaming Chair


3. X Rocker Galaxy 2.0 Floor Rocker Gaming Chair

If you’re an immense game console player and wish to achieve a more comfortable gaming experience, then you must be setting your budget for X Rocker Galaxy 2.0 Floor Rocker Gaming Chair. With its unique appearance and superb immersion tech, you’ll surely love having this gaming chair in your setup. What is more interesting about X Rocker Galaxy is that it is equipped with powerful Bluetooth speakers, making your gaming experience more satisfying.

It’s a rocking gaming chair that enables you to sit close to the floor and easily recline it up to the most comfortable level you want. Furthermore, it’s different from the typical ones because it offers a fantastic retro design that can help you feel more nostalgic. The only con of this chair is that it is effectively suitable for smaller gamers and quite unmanageable for taller gamers. You can get this gaming chair for only $90.

X Rocker Galaxy 2.0 Floor Rocker Gaming Chair
Image Source: Unboxing an X Rocker Galaxy 2.0 Floor Rocker Gaming Chair


4. Furmax Gaming Chair

If you’re seriously considering a budget yet looking for good-quality gaming chairs under 100, you’re in luck with Furmax. Like the typical gaming chairs included in this list, you can experience a more breathable and comfortable gaming experience with this one. It is equipped with floor-friendly wheels and an effortless swivel. Also, its height is adjustable, with minimal reclining ability.

The only downside of this budget-friendly gaming chair is that you’ll find it hard to assemble, and you might find yourself frustrated once you’ve started assembling it. However, you’ll surely love this chair once you’ve fully set it up. You can get this gaming chair from $70 to $110, depending on the color you wish to have.

Furmax Gaming Chair


5. Best Choice Products Swivel Gaming Chair

Completing our list of Gaming Chairs Under $100 is the Best Choice Swivel Gaming Chair. If you’re looking for a cozy gaming chair that you can use to achieve an ultimate recreation experience, this one’s for you. It’s a floor-style gaming chair exclusively used for leisure. You can use it not only for gaming but for streaming, reading, and even for napping if you want. The Swivel Gaming Chair has dense sponge seating specs and five reclining positions. So you’ll definitely feel more comfortable in whatever activity you’re doing.

Though the chair looks nearly like a couch, you can still achieve reasonable mobility and durability as it is made with a solid steel frame. It is also equipped with high-quality mesh fabric that can withstand wear and offers a more breathable feeling. This gaming chair is also perfect for gamers who love drinking beverages like coffee, as it features a built-in cup holder. You can get this exceptional gaming chair for only $99 to $147, depending on the color of your choice.

Best Choice Products Swivel Gaming Chair
Image Source: Swivel Gaming Chair Review


Choose the Best Gaming Chair Under $100 Now!

When buying a gaming chair and you’re on a tight budget, you can settle for the list of the best gaming chairs under 100 listed above. However, suppose you’re looking for something that can immensely make you more comfortable and meet your gaming preferences. In that case, you can consider racking up your budget for more hundred bucks and go for high-end gaming chairs like Razer Enki, Cougar Explore S, Corsair TC200, and more. These gaming chairs are renowned for their utmost quality and reasonably high price.

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