Nobody Saves the World Game Review – What You Need to Know


It’s been a great day for action-RPG gamers when Nobody Saves the World joined the gaming world. Last January 18, 2022, the said game became available first on Xbox and PC. In addition, Nobody Saves the World is a remarkable creation of the Canadian devs DrinkBox Studios, who made the famous Guacamelee 2. Similar to Guacamelee 2, Nobody Saves the World rocks the world of games as it depicts an exquisite art style, excellent and dependable graphics, amenable controls, superb score, and no glitches! With these aspects, DrinkBox Studios proved that they are one of the best game devs in the world.

Nobody Saves the World gameplay
Image Source: Nobody Saves the World Gameplay


An Endearing Comical Game

In Nobody Saves the World, you will jump right into various difficult dungeons in the quest to fulfill your goals. Here, you need to work on two focal points; body-swapping and the ability to modify – thriving to make your adventure more enjoyable in a paper-thin world. Here, you will start as a Nobody, and soon, become the best somebody! The charming story of Nobody starts with a wizard named Nostradamus that can’t be found anywhere. This wizard has the only one able to remove the sickening fungal catastrophe that negatively affects the kingdom.
Nobody Saves the World intro

But, how can this wizard stop this disaster if he’s missing? Well, a Nobody wimp will take the wizard’s wand, which activates this featureless creature into various forms like robot, rat, and bodybuilder. Each form depicts a particular special attack and passive ability. As you progress in the game, you can unlock more forms and level up them as well. In order to progress, you need to accomplish various challenges according to form, which allows you to upgrade a specific form while working on your ranking. You can also take other challenges to unlock more forms. It is an exciting journey filled with clearing dungeons, solving puzzles, and completing quests.

Achieve Quests to Become Successful in this RPG

Progression in this action RPG portrays a persistent loop of accomplishing quests. In every completed quest you embark on in Nobody’s, you will be rewarded with stars and XP, which unlocks the five epic dungeons. However, the missions you take from the NPCs will only reward you with XP. In addition to that, will notice the hack-and-slash gameplay if you are familiar with the classic 2D game The Legend of Zelda. There are instances where the character forms in Nobody’s are geared with common weapons like bows and swords.
Nobody Saves the World dungeon

There are also characters that use weapons in the form of slug tears, lighting streams, and swift horse kicks. From those characters with their weapon, you can utilize any form to another and come up with a tactical combo against opponents. Take note also that there will be an increase in difficulty once you start clearing dungeons. But, keep in mind that these efforts are dedicated to your goal, to remove the dangerous calamity and save humanity!

Action in the Dungeons

If you want to see the real fun and challenge of Nobody Saves the World, you must not miss exploring through the dungeons. These dungeons are either filled with sea creatures, castles, UFOs, and some buildings. These buildings are packed with monsters on each floor, ready to be slain by you. Remember that in each dungeon, there is a challenging modifier. To surpass the modifiers, you need to develop a move to beat them. If you are equipped with various tools, you can do trial and error and check which of your tools will work out against the opponents. At this point, you will appreciate Nobody’s customization feature and feel satisfied once you unleash the right build.

Nobody Saves the World Best Build
Image Source: Nobody Saves the World Best Build

If you love the graphics of the dungeons, you will surely get amazed by the diversity of the outside world. However, you can’t explore it like what you’ve experienced in the dungeons, which makes it quite plain and boring. Hence, you can still insist on your inner self and try some guild quests here. While on a journey through these dungeons, you can choose to play it co-op or alone. Suppose you are not comfortable playing with another player, especially when doing challenging builds, or you are confident enough in your skills and tools. In that case, it is more efficient to do the dungeon alone.

Is Nobody Saves the World Worth Playing?

If you are extremely fond of playing action RPGs, then you must consider taking this game on your “Must Try” list. With its features, character forms, combat, and dungeons, this game is something that will keep your fingertips busy. Though the game shows some minor drawbacks, overall, the game is worth playing. When it comes to puzzles, from previous games up to Nobody Saves the World, the DrinkBox Studios did an excellent job. If you are looking for a game that will keep your toes still, you must scroll through this dev’s collection, especially Nobody Saves the World.

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