The Legend of Zelda: A Personal Top 5 List


Fans of The Legend of Zelda series often find themselves in a cycle of endless debates. Each fan has its own favorite title of the franchise and every single one thinks their chosen game is the defining factor of the franchise. It’s because of this divisiveness that players can’t agree which game truly stands above others., So the argument usually boils down to just listing their top five picks.

Although the order changes for every fan, the same games often make it into the list. So while you may have your own opinions about which is best — allow us to share with you our personal top five Legend of Zelda Games. Let’s start with…


Breath of the Wild

When Breath of the Wild was announced for the Nintendo Switch, fans were rightfully skeptical. Knowing how critical most of the fan-base were, Breath of the Wild had little room to make mistakes.

Though the finished product turned out to be a breath of fresh air as it introduced the open-world formula into the title. The new mechanic came at a time when open-world games are at the peak of popularity. It also allowed easy entry to those who wanted to join the Zelda craze but didn’t know where to start.

A direct sequel to the game had been teased in last year’s E3, but no specific details up to date. Fans may have to wait a little longer for updates due to the current situation. However, Breath of the Wild fans can’t wait to roam the open fields of Hyrule once more.




Ocarina of Time

The game first launched for the N64 and it was regarded as one of the best games of all time. Some polls would rank it high up in the top five list as one of the best Zelda games, if not THE best.

Ocarina of Time introduced the 3D era into the Nintendo series, which eventually made its way to the 3DS. Players marveled at the graphics of the game, from the moment Link took his first steps on the Hyrule terrain, up to the final face-off with Ganon. It has also been widely regarded as the game to play before this next title in the list…




Majora’s Mask

Majora’s Mask is considered as an alternate reality of Ocarina of Time and was the ‘grittiest’ among the original Zelda games. It introduced new antagonists like the Skull Kid and the macabre, evil-grinning Moon. It also introduced a new game mechanic where Link must beat the clock in three days or face the risk of the moon crashing in Termina. That’s right, the game isn’t set in Hyrule but in another area.

The game also introduced different masks, which Link could wear. They grant him special powers that aid him in beating the deadline. Majora’s Mask has become a cult classic amongst fans of the franchise. It was also a testament that Nintendo could rework the series and still succeed.




Link’s Awakening

This game was resurrected from its slumber by re-releasing it for the Nintendo Switch. It is a fitting revival for the game which started it all. With a new and modern look, Link’s Awakening features several cameos as well as a new location called Koholint Island. The game’s original version trail-blazed the massive success of the franchise and the remake features vibrant colors and cute designs.




A Link Between Worlds

Everyone knows of the serious number of awesome games that the 3DS has in its library. Among the titles in that massive library is heralded as the best 3DS Zelda game. A Link Between Worlds is impressively considered as the best 3DS game in the market. This is a remarkable feat given that most people tend to shy away from a top-down game.

It features renting and buying items from a shopkeeper instead of finding them in dungeons. While that didn’t sit well with everyone, some considered changing a tried-and-tested tactic in Zelda games quite the bold move.




Special Mention: Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors is a star-studded Musou game that features characters from the Zelda franchise. It also introduced characters unique to the action-RPG title. While not all fans may appreciate it, some players would agree that being able to play as the game’s villains against a mob of knights is a welcome challenge to embrace. This wraps up our personal top five Legend of Zelda games. It is unquestionable, though, that one title in the hit Zelda franchise can still outmatch all other role-playing games in the market. That’s how rich the Zelda franchise is.