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Merge Dragons Review Dscover Wonders


Enter the Dragon

Derived from the Latin word “draconem” which means “huge serpent,” the dragon is a world-renowned celebrity when it comes to folklore. After all, nothing is more fascinating than a majestic serpentine fire-breathing creature that serves as guards of the towers housing the fairest princesses. With that said, if you are on a prowl for a game about brave knights rescuing princesses from fierce dragons, then, you are on the wrong page. However, if dragon farming is on your bucket list, then, say hello to Merge Dragons from Gram Games Limited.


Tame the Mighty Beast

Merge Dragons is a puzzle adventure dragon farming game now unblocked for the PC. Get ready to explore the many wonders of the Dragon World and uncover the secrets concealed within its boundaries. Venture into a highly detailed world filled with wonders and mysteries. Build your dragon sanctuary from scratch using the signature “merge” gameplay mechanics of Gram Games.


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Image from Gram Games


Master the Merge System

Merge is a unique gameplay system based on the Gram Games puzzle game called Merged! The system allows the player to merge each item of the same type in the game. As easy as it may sound, merging two items in a controlled space populated with other types of items can be quite challenging, to say the least.


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Image from Merge Dragons Wikia


With that said, if Merged! can shake your tail feathers with its six color-coded domino pieces, then, imagine the Merge Dragons challenge that comes with over 500 types of items and artifacts just waiting for you to merge.


Discover the Merge Dragons Wonders

God Item is a term used to reference an item after reaching maximum potential (max. level). These items are some of the most powerful or the toughest in the game. In Merge Dragons, God Items goes by the term “Wonders.” Similar to God Items, Wonders are at the top of the chain. The difference is that Merge Dragons Wonders are resource-producing structures or plants that provide the best items/dragon eggs in the game.


merge dragons god item


One example of Merge Dragons Wonders is Shambala (see image above) which is the final form of Zen Temple Merge. Discover more wonders by trying out this game on your PC.


Poof! A Magic Dragon

One of the highlights in the game is the various types of dragons. Like most dragon-themed games, Merge Dragons’ all dragons begin from an egg. The only difference is that you need three eggs of the same kind to hatch a single dragon. With that said, there are four types of dragon eggs: the standard eggs, eggs not available for purchase, event eggs, and mystery eggs.

Merge Dragons feature 48 breeds of dragons for you to discover. Dragon eggs are available in the main campaign, in-game store, chests, dragon trees, and other resource-producing plants/structures. It is also important to turn the “auto-merge” feature in the options menu to prevent dragons from auto-merging. This is because the ideal number of dragons for merging is five.


merge dragons all dragons


Take the Merge Dragon Challenge

Merge Dragon is a recommended game for all dragon enthusiasts out there. Gram Games did an excellent job of coming up with a concoction of gameplay elements into their iconic “merge” mechanics. Explore and discover more in-game features waiting for you in Merge Dragons by trying out this game today. Rally your friends and create your den to activate the chat option, conquer all quests, and heal the magical land of dragons.

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  1. I love this game. There is so much to do and I am always busy organizing and planning ahead. Love the images of the Dragons. I enjoy the challenge of building up the Wonders and expanding my camp. I don’t gamble but I do enjoy merging and levelling up 🙂

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