The Reasons FFXV Was a Polarizing Game for Gamers


Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV is the talk of the town and for a lot of reasons. Some fans have pointed out that the game has one of the most comprehensive combat systems in the series. That is until the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Then there’s the compelling story and the add-ons.

However, the other side argues that FFXV is the worst in the series packed with their own justifications. They’re pointing out that the development feels rushed – that it is an unfinished game that was hastily launched for money. Others note that it feels boring compared to other games like the original FFVII, FFVI, or even Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

So, let’s break it down for everyone searching for the truth. We’ll list down the pros and cons below so you can judge whether the title deserves all the hate, or not.


Con: The Story is a Mess & Characters are Uninteresting

Both the story and characters are one of the reasons why people think the game is rushed. It felt like everything was a hastily hot mess you’d think Square Enix just wanted to milk the cash out. When people unraveled the story all they got was more skeptical questions than answers.

The casts, save for a few, are allegedly uninteresting. One cause is that all the characters’ background stories are tucked away in paid DLCs. The constant delayed release of the DLCs made it hard for players to find justification why certain icons in the game acted the way they did.

Con: Coming Up Short of the Final Fantasy Hype

The entire FF fanbase waited for another Final Fantasy game within the span of a grueling 10 years. When it finally arrived, the excitement was high and expectations were huge — only to be disappointed at the end. The base game doesn’t have the complete FF experience as it has many glaring plot holes. Avid fans were quick to point that out much to their dismay. You can’t have a track record of great role-playing games only to come up short ten years later.


Pro: DLCs Gave It A Much Needed Redemption

The release of the DLCs and the “Royal Edition” led to the realization that a huge chunk of its content didn’t make the initial release. Sure, it could be considered as a money grab tactic, but can you really blame Square Enix? It’s still a business after all.

Prompto’s side story finally arrived along with a collection of other missing content, like weapons that were previously unavailable in the original game. Chapter XIII also received an overhaul along with an alternate ending for the story. Although an extensive amount of damage has been done – they were still able to salvage themselves as a Triple A gaming company. Some players were also quick to forgive and forget as they were able to get something positive at the end.

Final Fantasy XV is no FFVII, or any of the other classic FF series, but it tried to stand on its own. Square Enix could’ve handled releasing the DLCs a little sooner so the game didn’t suffer midway. Although at the end of the day, everything’s been said and done. Perhaps, with all the DLCs and a new version coming out, players will be able to close the chapter on whether FFXV was the worst in the series or just a game that suffered from bad business decisions.