God of War Game Review – The Deep & Meditative Journey of Kratos


Sony’s famous action-adventure title, the God of War, has now successfully landed on PC. If you haven’t tried playing the previous series of this game title last 2018, well, it’s not too late to give it a try and start your game right with this installment. This newer series features outrageous action, excellent combat, and incredible visuals that will surely encourage your gamer’s instinct to keep on playing. Additionally, this reboot portrays smoother action and controls while setting the breathtaking setting of Norse and mythos.

God of War Walkthrough
Image Source: God of War PC Walkthrough

If you are looking for an action-packed game with awesome customization and spontaneous combat, then God of War is the right choice. To know more about this game, stay tuned and keep on reading below!

A No-Ordinary Angry Dad Game

To give you a brief overview of God of War, let this review tell you quick info about Kratos. To sum up the other God of War series, Kratos was Athena’s murder man until he was double-crossed, which resulted in him killing all the gods, including his father, Zeus. After leaving godless Greece, Kratos decided to explore the land of Norse and luckily got a wife, a son named Atreus, and an eminent beard. Unfortunately, his wife died, and you can see this once you start the game.
God of War Father & Son

God of War is a story where you will witness literally gigantic personalities. In this game, you will see a father and son tandem opting not to save the world but to spread Kratos’ wife’s ashes on the huge mountain. They are not looking for any kind of fight, but Midgard is extremely triggering them and left them with no choice but to fight for their lives.
God of War Kratos & Atreus

As you jump into the fight scenes, you will notice the endless strength and abilities of Kratos in terms of fighting and how he lifts bulky stuff such as an entire building. He utilizes an axe against his enemies. Truly, Kratos shows extraordinary toughness in killing any kind of living thing that crosses his way. On the other hand, Atreus is like a strong, silent curious youngster on the side. The tandem of the two depicts a rapport that is layered. Atreus wants to prove to his father that his skills are enough to take the journey, and like his father, he can also be a better man with supernatural strengths.

Kratos & the Leviathan Axe

If you are an extreme fanatic of God of War, you will surely not miss the powerful weapons in this game. In this series, Kratos will be using the Leviathan Axe. It will be his primary weapon and all-in-one tool in the game. But, you can still customize it and try out other weapons, and upgrade them as well. Aside from killing enemies, this axe allows Kratos to destroy barriers, freeze equipment, open doors or reach faraway loots. But, most of the time, this axe will be used against Kratos’ opponents. The axe features a delectable balance of speed and heft that results in significant destruction to anyone or anything that hits it.
God of War Leviathan Axe

However, there are combats where an axe is not in use. But, as we all know, Kratos is a beast and depicts an extraordinary skill tree and advantages enough to beat any opponent. Like his axe, Kratos also shows fast-paced, satisfying moves. Moreover, you can still back up Kratos by activating Atreus and letting him shoot arrows to the target. As the father and son progress in the game, they will gain various awesome stuff that will help them in their journey. There are times that you will get annoyed with Atreus insisting on shooting arrows but, as you trust the prowess of your axe, you will keep using it.
God of War Gameplay of Axe


Where Should You Play God of War?

If you want to fully experience the fantastic visuals and graphics, you must opt for the God of War game on PS4 or higher consoles. But luckily, you can now play this game right on your PC. To completely experience seamlessly this game, you need to acquire these PC stats;

  • 4K resolution
  • Nvidia DLSS and Reflex
  • 21:9 Ultra-wide screen monitors
  • At least a Four-core gaming rig
  • 8GB RAM
  • 4GB Graphics card – Nvidia Gefore GTX 960 or AMD R9 290x
  • DirectX Version 11
  • 70GB free space

These are just a few of the specs you need to work on if you wish to play God of War flawlessly. In case your PC specs did not fit with one or two of the list, you can still try to mix and match until you achieve your preferred gameplay experience.

Is the New God of War PC Worth Playing?

If you are looking for an incredible game with extraordinary RPG mechanics, tremendous action, and breathtaking graphics and visuals, this God of War installment is indeed an excellent action-adventure package worth playing! To keep you in the loop of the hottest games in the gaming society, stay tuned here at PlayPC.