Monster Hunter Rise Review – Be the Best Monster Huntsman


Following the remarkable breakthrough and global hit of Monster Hunter World, Capcom released another breathtaking game that will definitely catch your attention – the Monster Hunter Rise. If you are stunned by the amazing features of the World installment, you must not miss what the Rise got for you. As a gamer who looks forward to an enjoyable yet fearsome game, then you better check out Monster Hunter Rise. And if you’re looking to maximize your experience and for a sharper resolution, you can actually try playing this game on your PC. You just need to tweak some settings to see overall the beauty of the game.

Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay
Image Source: Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay


Your Journey As the King of the Wilderness

The Monster Hunter Rise’s focal point is very simple. You need to immerse in various biomes and beat the monster you aim for in different ways, like a boss battle. Once the prey is defeated, you will be rewarded with valuable materials you can use to craft more powerful weapons and use stronger armor. Keep in mind that you need to craft first before moving on to your next exploit. In Monster Hunter Rise, you will notice that it offers depth and complex aspects when it comes to setting up the best equipment regardless of who and how you beat your opponent. You will also get a chance to face off more than 70 monsters, there are new ones, and some are returning. One of the newcomers is Magnamalo. Remember that each monster depicts its unique attack flow and behavior pattern and battle with its own gear. So, you need to mix and match, and most importantly, upgrade your items to beat any monsters you encounter along the way.
Monster Hunter Rise Monsters

What is more exciting about Monster Hunter Rise is the newly added mechanic – the Wirebug. This mechanic is renowned in terms of dodging, exploration, and quickly recovering whenever knocked down. If you want to witness astonishing combat, you must not miss how Wirebug allows you to make Silkbind attacks. Keep in mind that exploration is still your key to the experience. Though you know where exactly the monster is, there are still hidden paths and shortcuts you can try unveiling in each location. The zones are gigantic, and players will need to explore every nook and cranny of the zones to achieve temporary buffs, stamina restoration, and more.

Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug
Image Source: Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug


Palicoes & Palamutes

In this game, your primary hub is the Kamura; it is the place where you craft new weapons and armors. It is also the place where you get new quests, trade goods, and communicate with other villagers.
In the village, you will get a chance to access the Buddy Plaza, where you can see groups of new Palamutes and Palicoes. If you already played the former Monster Hunter games, you must already know the Palicoes, the cat-like creatures. In this installment, you will get to meet the Palamutes. These creatures are going to be your faithful canine companions during hunting.
Monster Hunter Rise Palamute

Aside from Palicoes and Palamutes, there are also Cahoots. These owls serve as messengers as they deliver messages to their designated hunters. Cahoots are like pets and somehow clingy to the hunter who owns them.

Hunt Monsters with Friends

Hunting monsters in solo mode is fun, but it’s much better to do it with a squad. In Monster Hunter Rise, you can choose to play with a team of four for more refined gameplay. Another fantastic attribute of playing co-op is it allows you to see higher frame-rates visuals. That’s because the players support each other against a monster.
Additionally, you can try out the rampage where you will battle against groups of monsters. Aside from fighting against the monsters, this mode also offers tower defense aspects, making the game more exciting and fun. What is more exciting about this mode is it gives solid rewards. If you are new to this game, expect that regular hunts are very challenging, but nothing is more complicated than Rampage missions as you need to deal with monsters within a short time frame only.
Monster Hunter Rise Co-op


Is Monster Hunter Rise Worth Playing?

If you are looking for a game that will test your tactical skills with energizing combat, then you got the right place with Monster Hunter Rise. What is more amazing about this game is that it offers a consistent rural Japan-themed setting; along with its excellent graphics, you will surely not notice that you have already spent hours playing on it.
Overall, when it comes to innovative combat and beautifully crafted settings, Monster Hunter Rise is an excellent choice to play. You will surely enjoy the game from start to finish, not only for veterans but for first-timers as well. For more information and updates about Monster Hunter Games, stay tuned here.