Rainbox Six Extraction Game

Rainbow Six Extraction Game Review – Squad Vs. Alient Threat


Following the legendary terrorist-hunt game, Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft once again published an exciting game that will definitely capture every’s gamer’s fingertips – the Rainbow Six Extraction.
It is a tri-player zombie survival game, where you are tasked to react to ease the restrain of an alien-parasite virus that spreads in the entire United States. If you are familiar with the Siege, you will surely know this game works.

Rainbox Six Extraction
Image Source: Rainbow Six Extraction Gameplay


The Continuation of the Siege

Once you play the game, you will surely notice that Rainbow Six Extraction is an undeviating continuation of the Siege one where you will set in “Truth or Consequences”, and your main headquarters will be in New Mexico. It will be a great advantage if you already played the Siege. Like in the Siege, you are set to control 18 operators with their guns and gadgets.

Rainbox Six Extraction characters

However, some characters and features are tweaked to make them fit the PvE setting, such as Tachanka. You will play with his turret instead of his grenade launcher gadget here. Though there are changes, the devs ensured that everyone would feel convenient, even the first-timers.

Let the Game Begins!

Like other games, you will be set in a quick, comprehensive tutorial where you need to understand every angle of the game in text blocks. Understandably, you will feel overloaded, and it might take you hours or days to fully catch the swing of the shooting game. To better identify Rainbow Six Extraction’s flow, you need to invest more time in it.
In Rainbow Six Extraction, you will be able to explore four main settings, and each provides three unique levels to play. As you immerse yourself in the environment, you will surely be amazed at its uniqueness and make you explore the places. Each environment features highlights, so you better check each of them! Don’t miss the brutalist penthouse suite!

Rainbox Six Extraction levels

As we go deeper into the Rainbow Six Extraction, the three levels in each environment feature three smaller maps; these maps are playable in one run by utilizing airlocks as you change your phase. In each map, you need to accomplish a particular objective, such as setting down trackers on spawn sits or killing a specific first-class enemy.

Rescue Your Teammates!

If you fail to complete an objective, it doesn’t mean that the game is over; you can continue the game and move on to the following map. If you die in the game, your teammates can save you by bringing your body to the extraction point and collecting all the XP you need.
But, if in case they crash to reach you, or all of your squad died, you can choose another operator who will return on the same map. They will recover your missing-in-action teammates. Rescuing is an exciting aspect of the game, but it can also affect your experience.

Health, Challenges & Progression

On the other hand, when talking about the health of your operators, there will always be a baseline for all missions that you will undertake. There will also be health packs that include interim boosts. Once your operator defaces his health, you can recover by sitting out to some missions. If you want to win a mission, you need to remember that your character must be strong enough. You don’t need a brave handicap that can possibly be aborted while on a mission. In Rainbow Six Extraction, there is no such thing as making mistakes. You need to be ready and alert every time because the enemies are not easy peasy to defeat. Like you, they are also competitive to bring you down.
Another thing you need to check out in Rainbow Six Extraction is the experience system. In this game, you need to finish your present set before moving on to the next set, which is quite challenging to work on as you will set to accomplish three challenges per location. However, the progression is somehow not complicated when you reach the late game modes. From three challenges, you will need to work with nine mini-levels that offer a higher experience rate. You can try your skills and earn more XP with Aberrant Nests.

Rainbox Six Extraction monolith tavern

But, don’t be too confident, as the levels offer a higher rate of XP; you will also deal with seriously dangerous levels that can give you more panic. So, you better be good with your strategy in completing your missions to unlock more maps.

Play Rainbow Six Extraction Now!

If talking about the gameplay and level variety of the game, Rainbow Six Extraction is an excellent choice. It is a great game you can play with family and friends because it offers lots of exciting levels. You and your squad will enjoy and feel satisfied with its rewarding action-packed gameplay. Whether you are a veteran or a first-timer, Rainbow Six Extraction is a great choice for any playstyle, especially if you’re an avid fan of playing shooting games on consoles. For more information and updates about your favorite games, watch out for other news here!.