Fortnite Season S4 Nexus War: New Skins, Battle Pass and More


Something Marvel-ous landed in Fortnite last August 27th! Chapter 2, Season 4, is now filled with all your favorite Marvel Heroes! From X-Men’s to the Avengers! Now Fortnite looks like it came out right out of a comic book. So, this chapter’s’ Marvel-themed season has for us? This new season’s trailer sets the game’s storyline where some of our favorite heroes like Wolverine, the God of Thunder Thor, Iron Man, Storm, She-Hulk, and even Groot made an appearance, and all of them were transported to Fortnite Island. The game trailer is short, but it’s’s looking pretty good.


Battle Pass

Marvel fans may rejoice as this season’s battle pass comes with quite some treats! For this season, instead of Epic’s skin offerings, you get to have 7 Marvel-themed skins and one unique skin to unlock. Each of these will have an Awakening challenge that will open special emotes such as Thor wielding his hammer or see Tony Stark suit up to Iron Man.


Image Source: Thor’s Skin


Jennifer Walter’s pre-She-Hulk look, and after her awakening, you get to have the Gamma Overload skin, which shows her transformation to She-Hulk.


Image Source: Jennifer Walter Skin


If you’re a big fan of Starlord and his team, then this skin will undoubtedly favor your needs. Who wouldn’t remember our favorite Guardians of the Galaxy pal? Well, it seems like Groot has his own “He is Groot” skin. So, if you’re a big fan of this series or movie, then trying Groot’s hide will match.


Image Source: Groot Skin


On the other hand, The omega-level mutant from X-Men Shows off her good old white X-Men suit. It’s like bringing in an old-fashioned case into a more extra-ordinary way. Still, storm sets the skin into a different and stunning mode.


Image Source: Storm’s Skin


And of the coolest skin that you might ever get is with Mystique. When awakened, a skin that transforms her into various skin will be unlocked; I mean, what do we expect from the master of disguise herself, right?


Image Source: Mystique Skin


You may also expect a villainous skin such as Doctor Doom, with his location in the map as he conquered Pleasant Park with his special emote of sitting on the throne, can there be any more villainous act than that?


Image Source: Doctor’s Doom Skin


Lastly, the unique skin turns out to be none other than the OG Wolverine with his adamantium claws. Take note that you won’t be able to unlock him through the usual battle progression.


Image Source: Wolverine’s Skin


Fortnite Season 4: New Gun, Who This?

There’s a new gun coming this season, and it’s’s something every Iron Man Fan would love. This season brings in the new Stark Industries Energy Rifle. A high powered, semi-automatic, long-ranged rifle. How to get one? Fight off some Stark robots at some quiet crash sites. You’ll also see some flying Stark Loot Drones in the area that deliver weapons and abilities, so make sure to keep an eye out for that.




Fortnite Platforms

It is available in almost all gaming platforms, yes, you read that right, almost. Sadly, not every player gets the chance to play the Season 4: Nexus War update. Mac and iOs users need to wait until the legal battle between Apple and Epic is over for a chance to play the comic themed season. And that might take quite a while, so better check out some other free-to-play battle royale games here while waiting.

The biggest question there is right now is if purchasing this battle pass will grant paying players with these featured superheroes” powers. If it’s a yes, it will be a bummer and a real game-breaker for players who choose not to spend their bucks on this season’s featured skin.

Fortnite’s Chapter 2, Season 4’s’s selection of heroes is nothing but impressive. Still, it would be great to add Black Panther to the list of promised upcoming heroes later in the season to commemorate the passing of Black Panther’s very own T’CHalla’CHalla Chadwick Boseman. WAKANDA FOREVER!

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