Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – The Best Healers In The Game


When you assemble a team in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE), the usual way to do it is to have players from different classes to create balance on the team. This means that there is a tank, a support unit, a damage dealer, and a healer. I believe healers are one of essential character classes in the game, next to tanks, since their primary role is to keep the entire party alive.

But like many of the different character classes in the game, there are also many healers available in FFBE. In this article, we’ll first discuss briefly the roles that healers play in the game and the current best healer you should acquire and develop. Learn more about Final Fantasy Brave Exvius today.



What is the Role of A Healer in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius?

As their class suggests, the primary role of these characters is to heal. This means restoring the health of every member of the team. Aside from restoring health, healers are also the primary characters that can cure status ailments as well as revive fallen characters. Healers can even convert the team’s MP, allowing them to keep on using their skills and abilities.

Though some of these functions can be performed by tanks and support characters, the healers are the best characters for these types of roles. They possess skills and abilities that are mostly exclusive to them, like reviving the entire team or casting reraise on everyone. Aside from healing, healers are also usually the characters that dispel enemy buffs, as well as protect from status ailments and even breaks. Some healers can even act as support, having abilities to mitigate damage or buff other characters.


An example of this is Folka, who can provide physical and magic damage mitigation for one turn. Aerith is another who can give general mitigation for three turns. So in certain quests, you can use your healer as an emergency support unit. Let’s now discuss the current five best healers in the game.

The 5 Best Healers in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Right Now

Check out the best healers you in FFBE today.

Doctor Aiden

Personally, Doctor Aiden is the best healer you can have in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius right now. Not only can he heal and cure all status ailments, including stop, but he can also cure breaks. He can also provide resistance to all status ailments, including stop and charm, as well as resistance to cracks. This character can also negate one physical attack to one ally, as well as cast HP barriers. He can again revive and reraise all party members, imbue and imperil the dark element, and provide physical damage mitigation. He can even be used as a provoke tank since he can 100% cause the enemy as well as negate 20 attacks directed at him.


Rena is my second-best healer in the game. Despite not being a new unit, the skills and abilities that she has still made her a valuable unit in the game. She can cure all status ailments, including stops as well as breaks, which is very useful in many trials. Aside from curing diseases, she can also provide resistance to illnesses, including stop, so your party can avoid being inflicted. She can again revive the entire party, as well as provide magic and general mitigation. She can even imperil and imbue light, providing added support to the team—everything you’d need from a healer she can offer and more. The only thing she can’t do is to reraise the entire party.

Warrior of Light Lena

Warrior of Light Lena is another good healer in the game, and some would even argue that she is better than Rena. She can do almost everything that Rena does. Lena can cure-all status ailments and breaks, provide resistance to all status ailments, provide general and magic damage mitigation, and more. Also, she can even increase the party’s opposition to fire, water, ice, and lighting. Lena can also fill a character’s limit burst gauge, which is very helpful. I put her below Rena because she can’t imperil or imbue. I believe those two abilities put Rena on top since these abilities can be beneficial in many trials and quests. She also can’t cure stop or charm.




Folka is my fourth-best healer. Like Rena, she can also provide resistance to all status ailments, including stop and even charm. Folka can even provide resistance to all breaks, ensuring your team won’t have decreased stats from the enemy. She can also provide magic and physical damage mitigation, as well as increase water resistance, making her an excellent unit to have against Aquan enemies. Her only downside is that she doesn’t have a dispel, and she can’t revive or reraise the entire party.


Myra is another good healer to have. She can revive and reraise the entire party, cure-all status ailments. These are charm, cure breaks, remove debuffs, and provide resistance to breaks. She can even fill the limit burst gauge, increase resistance to fire and light. Another thing, Myra can decrease the enemy’s resistance to fire and light, buff the party’s stats, and grant HP barriers. The problem with her is that she can only provide resistance to specific status ailments like charm, sleep, petrify, paralyze, and confusion.

Honorable Mentions

The five mentioned above are the top tier when it comes to healers in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. But aside from them, other good healers are just a small notch below the five mentioned above. These healers are Blue Mage Fina, Lotus Mage Fina, Aerith, Sakura & Ayaka, Summer Fina & Lid, and Serna. Having any of these healers can already help you in many trials and quests. But if you can have any of the five above, that would be even better. Check out more of the best healers in the game’s unit rankings.