Dragon City: A Guide For Egg Breeding and Hatching


Dragons have always been popular mythical creatures in folklore around the world. Almost every country has a story to tell about these magnificent creatures. They may look different from how people will describe them, but the similarities are uncanny. Dragons are so popular that they are now present in many media and literature. There are dragons in shows, movies, and even video games! One of these games is Dragon City.

Dragon City is one of the hottest Dragon simulation games on mobile today (but you can also play it on PC). In this game, you can collect and breed many types of Dragons! It is the perfect simulation game that will give you an awesome Dragon experience. And to become the ultimate Dragon master, you should know how best to breed a Dragon egg!


Breeding Eggs in Dragon City

Breeding Dragons in Dragon City will help you gain notoriety as one of the best. To breed, you can use two of your Dragons with a minimum of level 4 each. This will generate a Dragon egg. The game will select or generate an egg that depends on your parent pairing. Once the breeding time is up, you can place the egg in the Hatchery. Newly hatched Dragon eggs can be placed in a Habitat, Kindergarten, or Dragonarium.


Image Source: https://dragoncity.fandom.com/wiki/Breeding/Overview


Eggs are somehow generated in random order, but the parent pair you choose has a great impact. For example, if you breed 2 Pure Hybrid parents, you will most likely get a Pure Elemental Dragon (and not a Legend Offspring). However, breeding 2 Dragons with similar elements will most likely not result to a Pure Elemental.

Every type of egg has different hatching times. Terra eggs are the fastest, hatching only after 15 seconds. Flame, Sea, and Flaming Rock eggs hatch in 30 seconds. Meanwhile, rarer types take the longest to hatch. Legendary Offsprings for example take 50 hours before hatching.


The Importance of Hatcheries

Like Chicken eggs, Dragon eggs need to hatch too. Hatcheries in Dragon City is a very important structure because this helps you complete the whole breeding process. Without Hatcheries, your dragons won’t hatch, and you won’t earn a steady income because this is how Dragon Masters gain money in the game.

All Dragon eggs that are obtained by breeding, buying, or receiving them as rewards or gifts should be placed in the Hatchery. Waiting time depends on the type of egg you got. Once the egg hatches, you can now place it in a Habitat, Kindergarten, or Dragonarium.


What is a Habitat?

Every time a Dragon egg hatches, it must be placed in a Habitat right away. There are different kinds of Habitats for different types of dragons. For example, a Dragon with a flame element must be placed in a Habitat that is especially intended for Dragons with flame elements. You may also find that some Dragons have more than one type of element. For these Dragons, they can be placed in a habitat that suits at least one of their element. 


Image Source: https://dragoncity.fandom.com/wiki/Habitat


What Makes A Kindergarten Special?

While baby Dragons can be placed in a suitable Habitat, there is also a special place called Kindergarten. Kindergartens are special because it is like a universal habitat. You can put your dragons here directly from the hatchery or from another habitat. Since the place is universal, Kindergartens can accommodate any type of element. However, this special place can only accommodate a maximum of 5 Dragons at one time.

Your baby Dragons can retain their attributes, even when they are placed in Kindergarten. You can feed them, breed them, use them to produce gold, or prepare them for PvP combat in this place. If you don’t have the required habitat for a certain Dragon, you can use the Kindergarten to store your Dragons in the meantime.


What is a Dragonarium in Dragon City For?

The Dragonarium is not a very great place for your Dragons to be kept in. This is because they are rendered useless in this habitat. When your Dragons are placed in the Dragonarium, they cannot be used for combat, nor can they produce Gold.

The Dragonarium is just a place for you to store all your Dragons. If for example your Kindergarten is full, and you have no Habitat for a certain Dragon, you can place it on the Dragonarium instead. If you bred too many Dragons and hatched so many eggs at the same time, the Dragonarium can come in handy.


Image Source: https://dragoncity.fandom.com/wiki/Dragonarium


Breeding and collecting Dragons in Dragon City is rather easy. As long as you have the proper Habitats and special areas to keep your Dragons in, then you are good to go. However, if you are particular about the Dragon breed that you want to have, you must be mindful of the parent pairings you choose.