Upcoming Xbox Exclusive Games This 2021


The Xbox Series X and Series S are beautiful and powerful consoles that have the potential to go above and beyond with their hardware on next-generation games. That said, the console is going to have a major collection of exclusive games.

Xbox hasn’t had this much exclusivity since the peak of the Xbox 360 and we’re so excited on what the games will turn out. Hopefully, it’s not going to flop like the Xbox One. That said, here are the games you should be excited about in 2021. Take note that these are not in order.

Halo Infinite

Of course, we have to put Halo on the radar, right? 343 Industries is looking to go back into the classic roots of where Bungie left off and bring back the mantle of the “best console FPS game”. After the disappointing Halo 5: Guardians, we think Infinite is going to be the most ambitious game in the series.

We barely know anything about the story, although what we are most excited about is Master Chief’s return to the original halo ring where something is returning back to life to threaten humanity once again. Oh, and it’s an open-world game now. That’s something different compared to the older games.


Scorn seems like an interesting game that blends horror and mystery stuck inside a nightmare of a supernatural realm. There’s barely any scoop about it other than its trailer showing a glimpse of puzzles and exploration. It looks good, it looks terrifying and we can’t wait to play it soon.


An original tale set in 1986, you play the role of Meredith Weiss: a city girl returning to her hometown to fill in for her dad in a local mail business. It’s a beautiful-looking game and while there are no action set pieces, horror, or any psychological stunts, it’s the craft of the game that makes it so special.

After all, why watch a movie about a 40-something woman befriending people when you can be that 40-something woman befriending people. It’s a decision-based game too so let’s see what happens at the end.


The Ascent screenshot
Image Source: IGN


The Ascent

This is a cyberpunk RPG that you can play solo or with friends. It’s a game about being part of corporate oppression and taking a stand to go against oligarchy and all hostile matters. However, you can pick a faction in the game whether it’s to be with The Ascent Group or become the rebel. The game aims to utilize the peak capabilities of the Xbox Series X with a maximum of 60 fps and 4K resolutions.

Echo Generation

This unique 16-bit game follows a group of kids in 1993 as they go on mysterious adventures into the unknown that have affected their hometown. School may be out, but you’re not out of the woods yet. This time, you and your buddies must fend for your lives. Think of this as Stranger Things but more interesting and has a 90s vibe. It won’t be a surprise if the music here is good.

The Gunk

Remember SteamWorld? Well, now the original developers have returned to make a new oddworld game exclusively for the Xbox. The Gunk is an adventure game about exploration, survival, and puzzles. Think of this as a combination of Valheim, Terraria, Earthbound, and No Man’s Sky rolled into a bundle of Oddworld-style themes.

Warhammer 40K: Darktide

Vermintide was a good game and now the Warhammer 40K universe continues to expand in Darktide: a 4-player coop game set in Tertium. It’s a Warhammer game though so don’t expect this to be less than stellar.

So, that’s it. Are you excited for the upcoming games this year on Xbox? Let us know in the comments!