Survivors: The Quest – A Beginner’s Guide To Playing The Game


Airplanes had made it easier and faster for people to travel around the world. Though airplanes are mostly safe, it still doesn’t stop many people from thinking about the possibility of crashing. Some would even imagine what they would do to survive should their plane crash on a remote island. If you’re someone who also thinks about this, you now have a way to see if you can survive.

And that is with the help of the adventure game, Survivors: The Quest. Published by G5 Entertainment, it’s a role-playing adventure game where you play as a survivor of a plane crash who got trapped on an island. In this game, you get to do various activities in order to survive. This would include gathering food, fixing things, sleeping, taking showers, and so on.

You will also do a bit of exploring, as you try to find ways to get off the island and go back to your homes. The game will also have a tutorial to help you play it properly. Of course, the tutorial will only teach the basics, so to further help you, this article provides a beginner’s guide to playing Survivors: The Quest. This would include some tips as well.

Make Sure Survivors are in Tip-Top Shape

Each survivor will have 4 important stats that you need to monitor at all times. They are Energy, Hunger, Hygiene, and Happiness. These stats are important because they will determine how efficient and fast survivors would be at performing or completing tasks. Survivors with lower stats usually move slower and are a bit sluggish, taking longer to complete tasks or even just to walk to a certain location.


Survivors The Quest gameplay


Energy is restored by sleeping, while hunger is restored by eating food. For hygiene, taking a shower or washing the face will restore it while happiness is restored by playing or talking to close survivors.

Build Relationships

Another important thing that you should remember is that you need to build relationships with the other survivors. There are many activities where two survivors are needed to work on them. But a survivor would need to have good relations with the survivor they will work with to do a great job. Therefore, you need to have good relationships between all survivors so you won’t have issues making them work together.

Have them talk to each other and converse to build good relationships. Just make sure to maintain that so it doesn’t diminish over time. Having good relationships will play a major role in accomplishing tasks.

Be Good at Playing Match-3 Puzzle

You heard that right. This survival game involves a lot of match-3 puzzles, making it a survival puzzle game. For some tasks, you have to solve several puzzle games to complete them. It’s a typical match-3 where you try to eliminate certain puzzle pieces with only limited moves. So being good at playing match-3 puzzles can help tremendously here.

There are power boosts and power items you can use to help complete puzzles. The items will cost diamonds to acquire, so you have to use them wisely. You can also purchase more moves using diamonds. This can be helpful if you are only 1 to 2 moves away to complete the puzzle. So instead of repeating everything, just purchase more moves to complete the puzzle.


Survivors The Quest puzzles


Save Diamonds

It’s also worth remembering for new players to save diamonds. They are the premium currency in Survivors: The Quest and acquiring them is not easy. The fastest way to get them is by spending money, which is not something that many players want to do. Diamonds are used to speed up tasks. They’re also used to purchase more moves when you play match-3 puzzles, as well as get more power items.

You can also use them to help you complete tasks instantly. The best use of the diamonds would be on the puzzle since they can sometimes be difficult to solve. Using the diamonds on speeding things up can be a waste of precious resources, so refrain from using them. But you can also use it for completing difficult tasks.

The Main Objective is to Gather Resources

Lastly, you should always remember that the main objective in this game is to gather resources. This means food, water, and other things that your survivors would need. Yes, there are other activities and tasks that you will do in this game. But the primary objective is to make sure you will have resources to perform all of the necessary tasks and activities. You will also need the right resources to make sure all your survivors are in tip-top shape.