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7 Days to Die: Is It Still Any Good in 2021?


7 Days to Die is a zombie survival game that combines the intensity of DayZ and the complex crafting system of The Forest. 7 Days to Die has been around since 2013 on Steam and to this day, it’s still on Early Access. What makes it amazing is that its community has never died since then. In fact, it keeps on growing. From what used to be 6000 players on a monthly basis is now at a number of 25000 players since January 2021 according to STEAMCHARTS.

So, is it any good in 2021? Of course, it is.

Gradually Improving

Throughout eight years, 7 Days to Die used to be from a generic zombie survival game to something complex and original. Its mechanics are now unique enough to separate itself from Rust, Unturned, Green Hell, and The Forest.

First of all, let’s talk about the zombies. You’ll probably love the look of the new zombies as they come complete with details and improved animations. What used to be a funny group of the undead are now the stuff of scary encounters—especially if you have no items.

Second, the major bugs from the last eight years have vastly been minimized. Clips, glitches, and UI complications have become non-existent. While it is still messy in some parts, it has already gone so far as how it was back in 2013.

As for gameplay, man oh man, the gameplay is much more seamless. Sure, the game was already fun back then but now they ramped it up even more. Melee combat feels more solid, gunplay is not as floaty as it was, and enemy AIs are significantly smarter than ever before.

Meeting new people is always a welcome addition. The new people I met were also long-time players who were there when the game had a major overhaul. Of course, I had to get some help from them when it came to building, crafting, and surviving. While I was away to get some resources, they’d be holding my ground and set up these clever traps against waves of zombies at night.


7 Days to die gameplay
Image Source: VERTiiGO GAMING


A New Kind of Thrill

You might be thinking that 7 Days to Die is just another game of dodging zombies but there are heaps of new dangers this time. Now there are infected animals as well. This is something that most players don’t bode well when it comes to survival horror games. The hunger and thirst system was also vastly improved to keep the game more manageable and the inventory system is more convenient now.

The best experience is when you play during the night cycle where the spookiest of spooks really come out. It was a huge pain at first during the early game segments, but with enough tools and a decent house as a fortress, you’ll probably pull through.

Basically, 7 Days to Die is currently in its best date and you might want to play it now. If you’re waiting for a sale, don’t worry. It always has a huge price slash every discount season.