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Fall Guys Skins – Wear Different Beautiful Costumes in the Game


One of the best and most enjoyable battle royale games you can play right now is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. What makes this battle royale enjoyable to play is the fact that it’s an obstacle battle royale race. Instead of shooting or fighting each other to be the last man standing, you try to avoid being eliminated and finish first as much as possible. A match will feature up to 60 players and in each round players will be eliminated. Each player can use Fall Guys skins in the game. And it can differentiate you better than just the plain colors.

The characters available in Fall Guys all look the same with the only difference being their colors. It doesn’t give a bit of personality to the characters, which makes personalization a bit impossible. One way you can remedy this is by using skins. They’re costumes that you can use on a character to make them look different. And in this article, we’ll list them down. We’ll also discuss how you can acquire some of these skins.

Fall Guys Skins

There are many different skins available for players to acquire and use in Fall Guys. Skins are divided into two parts, the upper and lower portion. The upper refers to the skin that you’ll use to dress the upper part of your character (chest to waistline). The lower refers to the lower parts of your Fall Guy (waistline to legs). They’re usually acquired separately, meaning you can have the upper part but not the lower part and vice versa.

The interesting thing about this is that you’re allowed to mix and match skins. For example, the top of the Monkey Skin and the bottom of the Pigeon skin. So, you can have a costume where you have a monkey top and a pigeon bottom. This can result in a hilarious appearance, which can further make you unique compared to other players.

Fall guys skins
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The Available Fall Guys Skins

There are already many different skins available in Fall Guys. Each one of them will fall under certain categories. There are currently 13 categories available. Each category will contain numerous skins, which is why you can say that the game already features hundreds of different skins to acquire.

A majority of the skins you can acquire and use in the game will belong under the Season (Legacy) category. The game features different Legacy Seasons. Its last Legacy Season was Season 6 (Legacy), which ended in November 2021. Under these categories, you get skins such as the Big Bad, Monkey, Parrot, and Raptor (Season 1 Legacy). There’s also the Elder Dwarf and Godzilla of Season 2 Legacy, and the Cuphead and Ice Maiden of Season 3 Legacy. Season 4 Legacy produced 2B, Bomberman, Disco Ball, and many more.

Season 5 Legacy brought you Baloo, Crying Minotaur, and many more, and finally, Blubber and Bunger Hat were introduced in Season 6 Legacy. There are many more skins available under the legacy season, so just check them out. The Season 1 of Fall Guys is where great skins like Asuka, Bouldering Bean, and Chiseled Bust were introduced. The Crown Rank introduced the Crocodile, Ice Cream, Golden Dragon, and other fun Legendary skins.

Some skins were acquired through Live Events like Astro, Clank, and Crown Idol to name a few. There are also skins you’ll get from DLCs like the Astronaut and Bean Analyst. The Prime Gaming collaboration with Amazon gave you the Frill Gills, Beetle Buddy, and more. Xbox players get to enjoy skins like Coconut Milk, Robo Rabbit, and Purple Hipster. Other exclusive skins include Cajun Fries, Dark Knight, and Pirate to name a few.

Fall Guys Selecting Skins
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How to Get Fall Guys Skins

Most of the skins available in Fall Guys can be brought using Show-Bucks. They’re the in-game premium currency available. Unfortunately, you can only get them using real-life money. You can purchase Show-Bucks packs or subscribe to the battle pass and get them as part of the freebies of the battle pass. Most skins would cost 500 Show-Bucks while it’s 700 for the upper.

Some skins are more expensive, costing 600 Show-Bucks for the lower and 900 for the upper. There are also cheaper skins that will only cost you 300 Show-Bucks for the lower and 400 for the upper. Other skins can be obtained for free via rewards for live events or for participating in social media contests. Epic Games usually have a lot of Live Events, content, and other content available that rewards you with skins.

Take note, though, that these contests and events are time-sensitive. Therefore, you need to win these skins during the duration of the event or contest. Some are given for free, but you just need to be online during the time it was given. Others you earn as rewards for completing achievements.

Buy Skins with Show-Bucks
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Bottom Line

Fall Guys skins are a great way to personalize your character when you play a match. There are hundreds of different skins already available in the game. Though most of them are not that easy to acquire, requiring you to spend money, there are those that you can get for free just for playing the game. So, take advantage of that to grow your Fall Guys skin collection. But if you’re looking for more guides and news about Fall Guys, make sure to stay in the loop here in PlayPC.

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