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The Best Suit Mods Spiderman Players Should Check Out


The remastered version of Marvel’s Spider-Man brought a lot of excitement when it was brought to PC. Many people were ecstatic and bought the game, setting a record for most copies sold of a PS game re-released on a PC. But aside from the gameplay and the improved graphics, another thing that people can look forward to are the best suit mods Spiderman players will start to wear!

There are many suit mods already available for use. In this article, we’ll look at the best suit mods for Spider-Man remastered that are available for you to use.

The Best Suit Mods Spiderman Remastered You Need to Know

There are already many different suit mods available for you to use in Marvel’s Spider-Man remastered version. But which one among them is the best one to use right now? We’ll discuss that in this article and provide our reasons why. It’s also worth noting that the mods only use the appearance, voices will still remain the same.

1. Stan Lee Suit

Probably the best suit mod for Spider-Man remastered that you can use in the game is of the man himself, Stan Lee. With this mod, the guy responsible for the Marvel Universe won’t just appear as a cameo in the game. He will be the one completing the quests and missions you’re completing. It puts him in the spotlight instead of just a funny cameo in the background. It’s also fitting since Spider-Man is one of his favorite Marvel Superheroes.

Spiderman Remastered stan lee Suit
Image Source: Stan Lee Mod Gameplay


2. Peter Parker Suit

Who’s the next best mod after Stan Lee? Well, why not just play Peter Parker? Instead of using his alter ego, Spider-Man, you can play as Peter himself with this mod. It’s an interesting mod considering how much value Peter puts on his secret identity. If it was up to him, he would prefer people, even the closest to him, not to know that he is Spider-Man. So, this mod makes the game like an alternate universe, where Peter cares less about his secret identity and embraces his powers.

3. Retro Symbiote Suit

Another great suit mod to use is the Retro Symbiote Suit. Though the Symbiote Black suit mod is also cool, the retro symbiote suit holds more appeal. It’s especially true if you’re someone who watched the 1994 Animated Spider-Man TV series. It was one of the best depictions of the web crawler on the screen and was very popular with a lot of 90s kids. So, this suit will bring back a lot of memories. Besides, the shiny black suit looks cool.

4. Aunt May Suit

Who says Aunt May’s age will prevent her from becoming a superhero herself? Well, this suit mod will take exception to that. In this mod, you get to play as Aunt May. That’s right, she won’t just be a supporting character here, as this suit thrusts her into the spotlight. Instead of Peter Parker taking down enemies, it’s May Parker doing that instead. Though she looks old, she can’t be underestimated. She’ll beat down any bad guy looking to cause havoc in New York City.

Spiderman Remastered aunt may Suit
Image Source: Aunt May Mod in Action


5. Kingpin Suit

If you prefer being the bad guy, then the Kingpin suit mod is a good choice. With this mod, Wilson Grant Fisk will replace Peter Parker when you play the game. What’s funny is that a Kingpin is a large man, so it’s a bit funny to see him do a lot of the things that Spider-Man does. It’s especially true when you’re web-swinging from building to building. What’s more, Kingpin doesn’t seem to have a happy face as he uses his spider powers to take down bad guys.

6. Anti-Ock Spider-Man Suit

The Anti-Ock Spider-Man suit is another mod that’s good to try. It’s not uncommon to see Spider-Man with his suits all torn up in the movies, TV series, and comics. Many of his battles are brutal, so it’s only natural to see his suits get damaged during fights. Of course, that’s not usually the case in video games. Well, this suit will put a stop to that. You’ll see Peter’s mouth and his right eye in this suit, a sign that shows he just came from a brutal battle.

7. Sam Raimi Suit

Last, but certainly not least is the Sam Raimi Suit. It’s another nostalgic suit, as it’s the one that Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man wore in the Spider-man trilogy that Sam Raimi directed. It’s the first time the web crawler appeared on the big screen. You can say that the 2002 Spider-Man movie was one of Marvel’s first successful depictions of a popular character on the big screen.

How to Add Mods to Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered?

First, you need to download the Spider-Man mods you want to use in the game. Then, there are two ways you can install mods in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. You can manually edit the game’s files to install the mods, or you can install a Modding Tool. Installing the Modding Tool is the easier solution since the tool will already have an Install Mod menu to make it easy for you to install the mods in the game.

Try the Best Suit Mods Spiderman Players are Dying For!

Marvel’s Spider-Man remastered is a fun and exciting game that anyone will enjoy playing. But what will make it more enjoyable is the suit mods you can use in the game. There are already many different suit mods available, but the ones on this list are the best suit mods for Spider-Man that you can find. And if you’re looking for more news and updates regarding this game, make sure to stay tuned only here in PlayPC.

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