Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile – How Cards Affect Gameplay


If you are a huge fan of DC Comics, then you will surely love playing Injustice: Gods Among Us. The game is available for PC, consoles, and mobile. While the PC and console versions are an all-out fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile version is more like a card fighting game.

In the mobile version, the goal of the game is to build the best team and win more battles. This is similar to the PC and console versions, except that mobile players need to use character cards instead of facing them off in 1-on-1 battles.

To build the best team, the game uses cards. Acquiring different cards is the best way to build a strong team and win many battles. But what are the different cards that the game offers? How do they affect gameplay and what are the best cards right now?

There are 4 different cards in the mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us. These are Character Cards, Upgrade Cards, Support Cards and Gear Cards. Each card has a particular role in the game, and each of them will have a certain effect on overall gameplay.

Character Cards in Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile

The main cards in the game are character cards. They are the cards of superhero characters that you can collect in Injustice: Gods Among Us. There are many different character cards in the game right now. This collection continues to grow because the developers of the game are constantly updating and adding new characters to the game.

There are 3 types of character cards: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Bronze character cards are the most common in the game, and they are also the easiest ones to acquire. Silver character cards are rare and are generally more powerful than Bronze cards. Last but not the least, Gold cards are the legendary cards in the game.

Most of the powerful and top tier characters in Injustice: Gods Among Us are Gold character cards. But they are also the hardest cards to acquire. If you do get one, you will have a strong character on your team. You can learn more about character cards on Injustice: Gods Among Us Wiki page.




How Character Cards Affect Gameplay

As the main cards in the game, they will have the biggest impact on whether or not you can win battles. Having the strongest characters greatly increase your chances of winning. Your character cards are also classified as either main card or supporting card. This is because certain superheroes should be your main characters, while the others are best played as supporting ones (like a backup).

For example, you acquired the Martian Manhunter card, The Flash card, and Superman card. This means that the other cards you have should be able to support these 3 main characters. The other cards should make them stronger and more powerful.

It would be useless to get a strong main card that doesn’t match well with the supporting cards that you have. This can greatly affect your performance and success in the game. In other words, you need to choose character cards that complement each other’s skills and powerful abilities.

Upgrade Cards

From the name itself, these cards will upgrade your character and make them stronger. They are usually obtained from booster packs that you can purchase in-game. You may also acquire these as rewards for completing a certain level. It is important to remember that there are particular upgrade cards for each character. This means that you can’t use an upgrade card that is meant for one superhero to upgrade another superhero.

But the good thing is, if you have an upgrade card for the SP1 of a particular character, you can use that upgrade for all its superhero versions. For example, you have an upgrade for Batman, you can use that upgrade card for all versions of Batman. Meaning, it can be used for Blackest Night Batman, Batman Arkham Origins, other Batman versions. The only character you can’t do this with is Harley Quinn, since the SP1 for each of her versions are different.




How Upgrade Cards Affect Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile

Upgrade cards are designed to power up a character’s super moves and/or special attacks. Using these cards will strengthen your character’s skills and abilities. This also allows characters to withstand more powerful attacks during battle. Despite this, their effect on the overall gameplay is not significant because they also have limits.

Upgrade cards are very character-specific. This means that upgrade cards for Batman can’t be used for other superheroes except for Batman and some of his versions. This makes it harder to use them, especially if you acquire upgrade cards for superheroes that you haven’t collected yet.

Support Cards

To make characters stronger and more powerful, you can use Support Cards. But unlike upgrade cards, there are many different support cards available. There are Support Cards that are character-specific, while there are also universal ones. All superhero characters can use universal Support Cards.



You can buy Support Cards using Power Credits or Alliance Credits. Support cards that you buy using Power Credits will give bonus abilities to your character like additional health, damage, or energy generation. However, these cards are only used for a particular character. This means that if you buy a support card for Superman, you can only use it for all Superman versions, and not on other superheroes.  On the other hand, all superheroes can use Support Cards that are bought using Alliance credits. These Support Cards are universal and can also provide additional health and damage.

Gear Cards

Last but not the least are Gear Cards. These cards have more effect and can equip your characters to make them stronger. Gears can usually increase a character’s strength, health, damage, power generation, and so on. Some gears can also add special effects to your character.

Some gears will allow you to regenerate health, drain your opponent’s power, disable their specials, and many more. There are 5 different types of gear: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. The lowest-ranked and easily acquired gears are obviously the Common type. On the other hand, Legendary gears are the hardest ones to get, but they are also the most powerful ones.

It is important to remember that you can only equip 3 Gear Cards per character. You cannot also equip the same piece of gear more than once on a certain character. Furthermore, two characters cannot have the same piece of gear equipped on them too. Lastly, your character needs to be at least level 5 to be equipped with Gear Cards.

How Gear Cards Affect Gameplay

Gear cards don’t have the same significant effect as Support Cards. This is primarily because you can only use one piece of gear card per character and per team. This means if you have 2 copies of a strong gear card, you can only use one of them. However, they do affect the game more than Upgrade Cards can.

For one, Gear Cards aren’t necessarily exclusive to a certain character (though some are). There are also more types of Gear Cards to use. Upgrade Cards also have a limit since there’s a maximum level for character skills. With gears, you can always find a new and stronger gear to equip your character with.

Upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile Cards

The developers of Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile continually update and add new content to the game. To promote these new cards, the developers hold events and challenges in the game. Most of these events make it easier for players to acquire these newly available cards.




As of this writing, the newest cards available are Gold character cards. These are Superman Godfall and Flashpoint Aquaman. A Silver character card, Arkham Knight Catwoman, is also available. To acquire Arkham Knight Catwoman, players need to get a character pack.

There are also new Gear Cards and Gear Set Cards available. Gear Set Cards are much better than regular Gear Cards because additional abilities are granted to superheroes if the Gears used to equip them belong under the same set.