FE Heroes arena tier list

Fire Emblem Heroes Arena Tier List – Rank of Selected Characters


Fire Emblem Heroes is a popular mobile strategy game that has captured the hearts of many players worldwide. One of the game’s exciting features is the Arena, where you can battle your team against other teams. To succeed in the Arena, you should have a strong team of heroes. However, with so many heroes, it can be challenging to know which ones are the best. That’s where the Fire Emblem Heroes arena tier list comes in. In this blog, we will rank the selected heroes into their respective tiers.

There are different tier lists available for Fire Emblem Heroes, but they all generally agree on a few key points. Top-tier heroes are those that are incredibly powerful and versatile and can be used in a wide variety of situations. These heroes are the ones that you should focus on when creating your team. On the other hand, the S-tier heroes are considered the most powerful and versatile. C-tier heroes on the other side are known to be the least powerful. To provide you with a comprehensive guide, here is a list of heroes in order from S to C tier:



In the FE Heroes arena tier list, these heroes are regarded as the most powerful in the game. They frequently combine powerful normal moves, special moves, and combos to make them challenging to defeat. They also have a huge variety of selections, strong defense, and tremendous damage potential. These heroes are known to be of the highest caliber and quite powerful in competitive play.

Fire Emblem Heroes arena tier list
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Heroes that fall into this category are Marth, Lucina, Ephraim, Roy, Celica, Tiki, and Hector. Having them on your team will give you a high chance of winning over other teams. They seldom feel weakness and can tolerate attacks thrown at them. Selecting these heroes is a good choice if you want to have a high-caliber team in the arena.


While not as powerful as S-tier characters, the A-tier list is still considered strong and useful. For example, an A-tier character may have high defense and resistance stats, making them great at tanking damage. They are useful in resisting magic attacks and have a powerful special ability that grants them extra defense or healing power.

FE Heroes arena tier list

There are heroes you can choose to make your team powerful. You can select heroes like Chrom, Lyn, Frederick, Alm, Robin (M), Ryoma, and Ike. Other suggestions for this tier are Hector, Karla, Ashera, Kaden, and Young Tana. However, these heroes are less powerful than those FE Heroes that belong to the arena S-tier list. If you are a high-caliber player, you can still adjust your playstyle and outwit the S-tier heroes.


B-tier characters are generally considered the average list of heroes with some strengths and weaknesses. Although this list is useful in some situations, it is still not as versatile or powerful as A and S-tier characters. For example, a B-tier character may have decent stats, but lack powerful special abilities or good synergy with other characters. They can be used on a team, but may not be the first choice for players.

Fire Emblem Heroes tier list

In this Fire Emblem Heroes arena tier list, you can choose Eliwood, Camus, Roy (Brave), Tiki (Young), Lyn (Brave), Lyn (Bridal), and Alm (Brave). Other heroes include Amelia, Gangrel, Linus, Azelle, Freyja, Draug, Libra, and Apotheosis Anna. You can still rely on them in tactical battles as they will thrive depending on your strategy. They are still effective in some situations and still the best choice if you have no other options.


On the other hand, C-tier is generally regarded as the weaker and less useful Fire Emblem Heroes tier list than higher-tier characters. They may lack stats, abilities, or synergy with other characters. These characters are not usually recommended for use in battle because they cannot unleash considerable damage. But that still depends on your playstyle, and you can still use them if you have no other options.

FE Heroes tier list

Heroes to choose from under this tier are Sharena, Lachesis, Catria, Olwen, Klein, Seliph, and Leif. Other heroes in this tier are Performing Shigure, Lukas, Cordelia, Nephenee, Dorcas, Spring Est, and Saizo. You can choose them if the heroes from higher tiers are not available. They are not effective in fast-paced battles but still worth using at times.


D-Tier heroes are the weakest and least options in the game, and they are not recommended for use in battle. These heroes have poor stats or abilities that make them ineffective in battle. If you are a new player, it’s not recommended to invest any resources into these heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes tier list

Heroes under this tier are Catria, Camilla, Gunter, Narcian, Berkut, Seth, Setsuna, Sully, and Death Knight. Other heroes to know in this tier are Michalis, Hinoka, Peri, Leo, Subaki, Cain, Roderick, Scion Julia, and Alfonse.

Important Thing to Know About FE Heroes Arena Tier List

The heroes we suggest in each tier do not indicate the overall characters in the game. We only select them based on their performance in the overall gameplay. However, our suggestion is not objective and still depends on the player’s performance. You just need to give them a try to adjust your playstyle and conquer the gameplay.

It’s also important to note that these Fire Emblem Heroes arena tier lists are not set in stone and can change over time due to updates, and meta changes. Additionally, a hero’s performance can also depend on the player’s skill, playstyle, and strategy. It’s also important to consider the opposing team and the map when selecting your heroes. This is essential because it could change the way you use a certain hero.

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