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Fate/Grand Order Top Servants to Summon in Battle


Fate/Grand Order has been one of the highest-grossing turn-based RPGs in the free-to-play category of video games. This AAA freemium title has been raking in billions of dollars in revenue for the past years. This impressive turnout of revenue provides the developer enough resources to make the game even better to entice more players into its platform.

With that said, if you are one of those players or is someone who is planning to explore the game in the coming days, then you are on the right page. This is because we are going to take a quick overview of the basic features of the game including the best servants that you can summon in battle. Not to mention that we will also tell you how you can play this iconic game seamlessly on your PC.

So, without further ado, let us take a quick dive into the magical world of Fate/Grand Order.

What is Fate/Grand Order?

Originally launched for the Japanese market in 2015, Fate/Grand Order is a turn-based RPG where the player takes the role of a master who can summon and command powerful servants in battle. The game’s narrative is presented in three canon chapters in the form of visual novels. It was first thought to be a Japan-exclusive game, however, the popularity of the game soon reached western and other Asian regions prompting the developers to launch an international version of the game.

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Fate/Grand Order employs the use of the iconic Japanese Gacha system in servant acquisition. This system along with the basic freemium mechanics made Aniplex (a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan) billions of dollars in revenue, making the game the sixth highest-grossing game in 2018. Today, it remains a strong title backed by a solid community of players around the world.

What are Servants?

Servants are defined as heroic spirits that the player summons and commands in the game. Each one of the 280 servants comes with their own class, passive skills, active skills, and a special attack called noble phantasm. There are three types of servants in the game; the first is called the Knight Classes composed of Sabers, Archers, and Lancers. Next, is the Cavalry Class made up of Riders, Casters, Assassins, and Berserkers. Then, there’s the Extra Class that houses Rulers, Avengers, Moon Cancers, Shielders, Alter Egos, and Foreigners.

Players can also level up their servants using experience cards. Once a specific number of experiences is fed into the servant, the player can then increase the level of the servant dramatically–increasing their HP and ATK attributes. Another way to improve servants is using “Status Up” cards.

Five of the Best Servants to Summon in the Game

Due to the vast number of servants in the game, we are just going to show five of the top-tiered servants in the game based on community rankings. Do take note that tier lists are not official and are based entirely on the player’s experience. For this reason, we are employing the use of a community-created tier list like the ones by GamePress.

1. Merlin

Considered one of the most effective servants in the game, Merlin comes with multiple skills that can buff the entire team. His first skill, for example, can increase the attack of the team by up to 20%, while his second skill grants invincibility while increasing the party’s star regeneration. His third skill on the other hand can increase the team’s HP by up to 3000 and grants a 100% critical damage bonus.

2. Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II)

Similar to Merlin, Zhuge Liang is also a support servant and is considered a great alternative to Merlin. Unlike Merlin, the expertise of this servant is focused on enemy debuffs. Although Zhuge Liang can still boost or buff his allies’ stats, his special attacks are greatly known for debuffing enemies and reducing their attributes on a large scale.

3. Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh is a limited servant equipped with one of the most devastating noble phantasms in the game. Although he is not on the same tier as Zhuge Liang and Merlin, most players regard his skills and abilities as one of the best in the game.

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4. Altria Pendragon (Archer)

Altria Pendragon is described as one of the best Art damage dealers in the game and is the only character listed on the A+ tier. One of the most notable skills of this character is the ability to execute Noble Phantasm in rapid succession. Altria Pendragon is also a great support character who can buff the attributes of the team.

5. Kama

Kama is considered one of the best single-damage dealers in the game. Unlike support characters, Kama comes with self-boosting skills ranging from critical, strength, and ATK. Although she can still boost an ally, it requires a maximum of 1000 HP from her target. Aside from those abilities, she is also tough and is effective in long battles.

Play it on PC

Fate/Grand Order is a highly detailed AAA title packed with stunning visuals and audio. With that said, you can now play this game straight from your PC. All you need to do is click on this link and follow the instructions.