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Nikke: Goddess of Victory Characters – List of the Best SSR & SR Class


Goddess of Victory: Nikke is a video game set in a post-apocalyptic, far-off future. This is when Earth was randomly attacked by mechanical, extraterrestrial beings known as the Rapture. The hostile attack obliterated just about anything on the surface and drove the surviving humans underground. The survivors established the Ark which is a metropolis governed by the Central Government.In this role-playing video game, players take control of one of up to five swappable characters called Nikkes. Players can aim and kill adversaries on a field from a third-person shooting perspective. A Nikke will automatically reload her weapon and take cover if she runs empty of ammo or ceases firing.

Each character carries a different weapon and has three distinct fighting skills: two normal skills and a Burst skill. The latter of which has a number value and needs players to acquire enough cost, which can be accumulated by damaging foes.

All characters in the game are divided into three classifications: SSR or Super Super Rare, SR or Super Rare, and R or Rare.

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Best SSR Supporters

We will start the list with the best SSR or Super Super Rare Supporters in the game.


A brilliant hacker, Exia occasionally finds it challenging to relate to regular people because of her highly developed brain. Her amazing analytical skills and voracious curiosity have led her to assume the position of the Ark’s principal information gatherer. She can easily move atop the leaderboards in each game she plays, demonstrating her superior mental faculties. She has recently taken some joy in mentoring younger players, probably out of boredom

Nikke Exia


Exia wields a sniper rifle and is considered one of the best SSR Supporters in the game. One of her powerful attributes is her S1 passive which initiates the “Collect Hacking Code” mode. This allows her to deal defensive and attack down debuffs to her attackers which can make or break a battle. Her burst skill also lowers defenses while dealing with some AoE damage. She can rack up her attack bonus thanks to her S2 passive, thus making her a useful debuffer/attacker. She excels on maps with lots of long-range adversaries. She is an excellent complement to your sniper team if you require a hybrid debuffer support/DPS.


Admi is tasked with maintaining the peace on the Ark as a member of Triangle. Her job is to primarily manage counterterrorism operations and collaborate with the Central Government Army. She is a distant and reserved person, but those who know her well describe her as a kind woman who loves animals.

Nikke Admi

Admi is another SSR Supporter character who wields a sniper rifle as a weapon. She had a comprehensive redesign for the technical test. Unlike her previous version, she now supports teams of all kinds more fully, not just those with sniper rifles. Her passive skill 1 increases the rate of reloading of weapons that require charging, such as rocket launchers and sniper rifles. Her active talent 2 lessens damage to your main two DPS units. While her burst skill enhances the reload and crit of the entire team. This is ideal for teams that must frequently reload or charge. These attributes make her blend perfectly well with the majority of sniper and rocket teams.

Powerful SR Supporters

Next is the list of SR or Super Rare Supporters in the game.


At first look, N102 appears to be a happy and inquisitive youngster who is eager to learn and explore the world. But even though she seems cheerful, she occasionally has a pained expression on her face. This is because her memories are being erased on a regular basis.

Nikke N102

N102 is one of the best SR Supporter characters in the game. Her preferred weapon is a rocket launcher. She is a solid early-game supporter who can boost all of your team’s attacks during the burst phase. This character can also raise the critical damage of her ally with the highest attack by increasing their maximum ammo capacity. She also works best when charge-type teammates are on board since they can take advantage of her active skill 2. The rest of her statistics are ordinary, which means that she is expendable once you draw stronger SSR units.


Neon openly lauds the virtues of superior firepower, claiming that it is the goal and the answer to all problems. Every chance she gets, she loves to extol the virtues of firepower and devotes all of her time and energy to enhancing it. She has a huge ego, but never to the extent that it bothers other people. She is the kind of Nikke that gets along very well with people while still taking care of her personal affairs.

Nikke Neon

Neon is a powerful SR Supporter character who wields a shotgun. Even though Neon initially doesn’t look exceptional, she is actually incredibly good in the final game because of her shotgun type, which allows her to raise the shotgun friends’ ammo capacity and crit rate. They can eventually cause more harm because of this. She may frequently spam it due to the low burst skill cooldown. An extremely powerful DPS on steroids is created when Drake is added. Undoubtedly, she is the best choice for a full shotgun lineup.

Best SSR Defenders

Here are the best Super Super Rare or SSR Defenders you can add to your team.


Noah is a Pilgrim Nikke. She is regarded as a member of the Pilgrim organization Inherit. For want of a better phrase, Noah is a total troll. As a result, Raptures will shoot at Noah ineffectively because he possesses incredibly robust shields during battle. At some point, Noah will either fire the Raptures with her shields’ artillery or have an ally kill them.

Noah is likewise very irritable when not engaged in combat, but only with members of Ark. Any commander, even the central protagonist, is referred to as a fake who lacks the skills or character necessary to lead the Nikkes. She also disparages Nikkes and Ark technology, considering them to be inferior and unable to regain the surface.

Nikke Noah
Image Source: Nikke: Goddess of Victory Character Noah

Noah is one of the best SSR Defenders in the game who prefers to arm herself with a rocket launcher. She can mitigate some incoming damage for teammates while also negating a significant amount of it. Her S1 passive must be attacked to be activated, hence the damage reduction is not always reliable. Her S2 passive can taunt and temporarily reduce attack power. This helps keep attackers away from your DPS units. After every charge in the entire battle, this is pretty constant.

Her burst skill shields the entire squad with a significant defense buff and momentary invincibility. The finest part is that she can utilize a taunt while keeping your buddies safe. That will serve as a sufficient diversion to prevent the targeting of your DPS. Just remember that rocket launchers need charging, and that manual gameplay involves considerable aiming. In addition, her S1 passive is fairly unpredictable and occasionally a bit RNG due to its low chance of activation.


Yuni is a member of the Wardress Squad. She is an expert in cruel techniques like mind control, emotional torture, and immobilization. She sees all of this as a genuine sadistic manner of showing love that goes straight to the heart. Also, she commits herself to a person once she falls in love with them.

Nikke Yuni

Yuni is another SSR Defender who wields a Rocket Launcher. Her S2 passive, which increases allies’ protection, ammunition cap, and lifesteal, makes her very potent support. Additionally, during the full burst phase, she increases the charging rate of all her teammates. Her own burst ability is also effective because it can prevent adversaries from moving, buying you a lot of time. Yuni comes in handy during difficult battles especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Because of her crowd control and buffs, she is generally quite useful as support in a team that focuses on offense. Overall, Yuni is a top priority target for re-rolls.

Best SR Defenders

Read on the best Super Rare or SR Defenders below.


Ether refers to the protagonist as Test Subject No.7 and coaxes them into trying whatever sketchy substance she has concocted. She has a scientifically oriented mindset. Because she devotes so much time and attention to her profession, even after receiving repeated reprimands from her superior, she chooses to continue wearing damaged stockings rather than taking the effort to change them.

Nikke Ether

Ether is an SR Defender who employs the use of a shotgun. She is a capable one who can help guard a teammate with low health. Although her burst power has a lengthy skill cooldown, it shields three friends with the lowest HP. During the full burst phase, her active skill has the power to lower one enemy’s defense. She does provide some, albeit minimal, AoE damage. Although she doesn’t deal the best damage, she can nevertheless help you in the early game’s story mode.


Delta is the leader of the Scouts which is the Ark’s Advance Scouting Unit for the Lost Sector or Rapture zone. She is the perfect example of a soldier—professional and skilled. But because of this, she falls short when called upon to behave normally or like a civilian.

Nikke Delta

SR Defender Delta’s favorite weapon is the Sniper Rifle. She is a decent SR tank you can use to advance in the early story mode. She has middling stats because she is SR, but her burst skill is a very effective taunt that can divert focus from the main DPS. This character can also create a dummy that takes damage. Her protection buff is helpful, but it only works when burst skills are used. Despite having average stats, she is a respectable support and quite useful for early story development. Do take note that this Nikke Goddess of Victory character lacks offensive strength and won’t contribute much in battles.

Best SSR Attackers

Next are the best SSR or Super Super Rare Attackers in the game.


Harran, an Inherit member, likewise roams the surface fending off Raptures, but she does so more for herself than for any lofty obligation to humanity. According to her, only the powerful can exist as they wish; the feeble can only attempt to win the favor of the strong.

Harran, who likes to think of herself as a “predator,” prowls the countryside looking for things to enhance her beauty since she is so preoccupied with honing her own brilliance. In fact, praising her attractiveness and obeying her directions without grumbling are two ways to win her favor.

Nikke Harran

Harran is an SSR Attacker who favors the use of a sniper rifle. Thanks to her powerful burst talent with a high multiplier and a short cooldown, she is now a significant map-clearing force. This enhances her S2 passive, enabling her to ignore opposing protection by gaining penetration while she loads her sniper rifle. As the battle goes on, she increases her attack damage by stacking up her attack bonus.

Regarding her S1 passive, Harran can continuously inflict damage so long as her assault triggers the virus debuff. When they are killed, this passive may also spread to adjacent allies. This works fantastically as a standalone passive. She can perform most of the DPS on your behalf if you put her on a team with life-saving supports. Being a member of the Pilgrim group makes her difficult to approach, however.


In contrast to her peers, who normally use firearms, Scarlet (a Nikke from Pilgrim) is unique because she prefers to use a katana as a weapon. Despite using a sword, her weapon is classified as an Assault Rifle in the game. She wanders the land by herself, trying to take back its control from the Raptures a single cut at a time, with nowhere to call home. She’s gotten quite good at scavenging and making food on the surface because she has just herself to rely on.

Scarlet fits the stereotype of a nomadic samurai perfectly. She can chop up Raptures in a split second like grain before a scythe, then sip spirits in the moonlight. Despite her love of drinking, she can’t keep it down, becoming tipsy rather quickly.

Nikke Scarlet
Image Source: Nikke: Goddess of Victory Character Scarlet

Scarlet is an SSR Attacker who wields an assault rifle. Scarlet is a Nikke Goddess of Victory character who specializes in DPS. She can increase her crit rate, crit damage, and attack. She causes good harm, but it costs something. Her S1 passive makes her strike stronger but depletes her health. Her burst skill raises her rate of critical hits, but it’s only usable when her HP is below a particular level. Similar effects can be seen in her S2 passive, which increases crit damage under specific HP circumstances. She will require capable support to provide her with a shield so she may continue dealing additional damage even as her HP decreases.

Best SR Attackers

Here are the 2 best SR or Super Rare attackers in Nikke: Goddess of Victory.


Neve is a member of the Unlimited squad. She is in charge of scourging the frigid north for Rapture invasions and directs lost Nikkes and leaders to the Ark. She longs to see a polar bear in the wild because she is so enthralled by them. To that purpose, she’s begun dressing like a polar bear and engages in bear-like habits such as hibernating.

Despite being a member of Unlimited, Neve frequently works alone as a result of her propensity of hibernating. Nevertheless, she is adept enough at finding misplaced Nikkes and completing her chores.

Nikke Neve

Neve is one of the newest SR attackers in Nikke Goddess of Victory character list. This brave warrior favors the shotgun as her weapon during battles. She serves as an additional attacker of burst 3. Nevertheless, the game’s roster urgently requires burst 1 and 2 units. She appears to be somewhat egotistical in the kit, but when she is launched, additional testing will be necessary. Neve is part of our list because of her undisclosed attributes and abilities.


Rapi is among the numerous Nikkes created by Elysion who is a member of the Big Three. She belongs to and leads the Counters Squad. She is a veteran with extensive battlefield fighting experience.

In contrast to other Nikkes in Elysion, Rapi possessed the ability to comprehend the situation and execute activities. By adopting a very clerical and strict demeanor toward others, it is simple to come across as being frigid. But doing so also betrays a greatly softer appearance toward the person who shares her heart.

Nikke Rapi

Rapi is an SR Attacker who employs the use of an assault rifle. Rapi is a strong SR unit that can advance you early on as a self-sufficient DPS. She will serve in that capacity until you can draw a better SSR DPS such as Drake. Or, more endgame units like Neon, depending on how well you drew in terms of SSR. She possesses a passive skill that enhances her attack power. This, along with two single-target attacks with large damage multipliers, gives you a powerful DPS. Her inferior stats and long burst skill cooldown are her only flaws. Other than that, she offers many early to mid-game players considerable value as an SR unit.

So, what do you think of our collection, did we miss other characters in Nikke: Goddess of Victory? If so, feel free to leave us a message in the comment section below.


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