Best Way to Play Rules of Survival: First-Person or Third-Person?


Which is the best mode to play Rules of Survival? Should it be in First-Person Shooter (FPS) or Third-Person Shooter (TPS)? This hot topic has been going on for ages. And not just in Rules of Survival, but also in other shooting games like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Counter Strike, Call of Duty, and more. So without further ado, let’s try to answer the ultimate question. Is Rules of Survival best played in FPS or TPS mode? We’ll discuss the advantage and disadvantage for each in different aspects of the game.


Aiming and Shooting on Rules of Survival

When it comes to aiming and shooting, a lot of gamers prefer to use TPS. That’s because of the added advantage that it gives. Specifically TPS gives players a wide range of vision, awareness of other players while staying covered, and accuracy in aiming and shooting other players without them knowing. What’s more, with TPS, players can manipulate their point of view and see beyond what they can’t see in FPS mode.


Interaction and Immersion

When it comes to interaction and immersion, the FPS mode is better than TPS. This is because the FPS mode takes on the character’s point of view, and it enables them to see as if they’re the ones who are playing the game.

Moreover, it also gives them an absolute feeling of being the protagonist of the story. This helps create a more immersive gameplay, and players can feel the different persona that they are using in the game. Other than that, FPS allows you to see and feel the game’s virtual environment.


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In Rules of Survival, stealth helps you win the game. Since the game revolves around survival, you must be sneaky so you can kill opponents efficiently. In terms of stealth, TPS mode can give you a huge advantage.

TPS mode helps you see and observe your character better. You’ll be able to understand the character’s personality and perceive the surroundings better. It helps you see and do more than just focusing on the character’s vision.

Choosing FPS doesn’t help you become stealthier. Since your sights and movements are limited on what your character actually sees, you can’t move or attack against opponents – especially in an ambush or surprise encounters.


Multiplayer Brawls on Rules of Survival

When it comes to multiplayer brawls, you’d get more advantage when you’re using TPS rather than FPS. In this type of battle, what matters is the level of vision you’re having. When you’re surrounded by multiple opponents, you might be having trouble watching your back (on FPS mode) because you’re only limited to a frontal vision.

Without a peripheral and back view, this means that you won’t be aware of incoming attacks. But if you get a 360° vision of your character, it’s easier for you to make counterattacks or set up defenses when enemies attack you from different directions. And that’s the advantage of TPS in multiplayer brawls.


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Rules of Survival: FPS or TPS?

The whole discussion between FPS vs. TPS may be endless. But there are only two things that matter in this issue:

  • It all depends on your preference and personal strategy.
  • It also depends on the type of battle you are playing, and whether or not FPS/TPS mode can give you a significant advantage.

One cannot exactly say that choosing a certain mode over the other helps them win the game. Since each player has their own style and strategy, what you need to focus on is to find out which mode you’re comfortable with. It is also important to note that some aspects of the game are better accomplished using a certain mode.

TPS for example, will increase your chance of winning when it comes to multiplayer brawls. FPS on the other hand, comes in handy if you want a more immersive and realistic gameplay.