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Mortal Kombat Most Used Characters


From a denied concept to an epic franchise, for almost three decades Mortal Kombat has proven itself as one of the best in the fighting game genre. Its unique combination of gore and bone-breaking action is anything but typical. After all, nothing would be better than a roster filled with ninjas, shokans, sorcerers, necromancers, wraiths, spectres, etc.

To that end, unless you are living under a rock for the past few decades, then you must have at least an overview of the game’s unique roster. To which if you are looking to dive deeper into the intricate world of realms, choosing the right character to represent you is crucial to your journey. To help you with that dilemma, below are 10 of the most used and best in the roster of more than 90 characters based on the Event Hubs’ list of characters mostly used by professional Mortal Kombat players.


mortal kombat best characters baraka


10. Baraka

With a usage score of 75, this Silat master and wielder of the Tarkatan Blades bites more than it can chew. Baraka, the faithful servant of Shao Kahn boasts some of the most gruesome fatalities and brutalities in the series. Imagine Shark Week with the shark aside from having razor-sharp teeth, also wields two of the finest and the sharpest blades ever conceived. The scary part is that the shark can also have the ability to regrow these blades at will, except that the shark is Baraka, and you do not mess with someone like Baraka.


mortal kombat best characters cassie cage


09. Cassie Cage

Sitting on the number 9 spot with a usage score of 79 is none other than Cassie Cage. The daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, Cassie is an insecure fighter who hides behind a façade built from her father’s wit, confidence, and charm. Since her debut in Mortal Kombat X, Cassie has evolved to become a favorite character in the professional gaming scene.


mortal kombat best characters shao kahn


08. Shao Kahn

On the number 8 spot with a usage score of 82 is Shao Kahn the Konqueror. Borne from the depths of the Outerworld, Shao Kahn is more like an evolved or a buffed-up version of Conan the Barbarian. Wielding a “maul of a prodigious size” called the Wraith Hammer; Shao Kahn possesses godlike strength, extreme brutality, and battle ferocity that will make any crybabies wet their pants. Aside from being a boss, Shao Khan is also a playable character in the franchise. Shao Kahn is mained by 33% of players and requires advanced skillset to play.


mortal kombat best characters kabal


07. Kabal

Boasting a usage rating of 88 is the Hooksword wielding Black Dragon member Kabal. Originally named as Sandman, Kabal’s signature (aside from the hookswords) is his respirator and his mastery of the Sun Bin fighting style. Kabal is also a survivor from a brutal attack instigated by Shao Kahn’s infamous extermination squad. Unbelievably, Kabal, despite his brutal ways is one of the good guys in the current Mortal Kombat timeline.


mortal kombat best characters kitana


06. Kitana

Sitting on number 6 is the all-time favorite Kitana. This 10,000-year-old princess wields steel fans instead of glass slippers and a leotard instead of gowns. Kitana is also a brutal assassin and a loyal stepdaughter of Shao Kahn. She also has a soft spot for one of the most iconic protagonists in the game Liu Kang.


mortal kombat best characters jade


05. Jade

On number 5 with a usage rating of 90 is Jade. Best friend to princess Kitana, Jade also wields the deadly Steel Fans. Jade is also a loyal servant/assassin of Shao Kahn and a general to the Edenian Army. Jade first appeared in Mortal Kombat II as an unplayable secret character and boss. If you like deadly women in a skintight outfit then Jade is your gal, however, don’t stare too long as your next sight maybe your head flying away from your blood-drenched body.


mortal kombat best characters sub zero


04. Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero also known as Kuai Liang (Chinese term for “Quick Cooling”) is our number 4 character in the list. With an impressive usage score of 97, Sub-Zero is the character for those who want their opponent to “stop! Collaborate and Listen” (no pun intended). Sub-Zero’s ice blast is enough to freeze anyone and instantly turn him or her into a block of ice. Giving you enough time to execute those hard-hitting combos enough to make them dance to the tune of Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby.


mortal kombat best characters noob saibot


03. Noob Saibot

On number 3 with a usage score of 110 is Noob Saibot. For those new to the franchise, Noob Saibot is a combination of the name of the last name of the game’s creators; Boon and Tobias spelled backward. Noob Saibot is classified as a wraith who can teleport and produce a double, after all, this dark character represents two people so the abilities are pretty much self-explanatory. Noob Saibot is also the original Sub-Zero from the first Mortal Kombat and Kuai Lang’s brother, Bi Han.


mortal kombat best characters skarlet


02. Skarlet

The second most-used character in the series is Skarlet. With a character usage of 112, Skarlet is as deadly as the color her name represents. Since her debut in Mortal Kombat (2011) as a DLC character, Skarlet rose from the ranks to become more popular than her two stepsisters Kitana and Mileena. After all, having the title of Shao Kahn’s deadliest assassins is not an easy reputation to maintain. If you like Tanto and Kunai wielding female characters, then, Skarlet is the one for you.


mortal kombat best characters scorpion


01. Scorpion

On top of our list with a whopping usage score of 123 is non-other than the game’s mascot Scorpion. As Ed Boon’s favorite character, Scorpion in one way or another represents the evolution of the entire Mortal Kombat franchise. His signature line “get over here” and “come here” lured millions of followers making him not only the most iconic character in the series but the most-played as well.



Now that you have the list of the top 10 most-played characters, it’s time for you to choose your main and begin your journey into the world of Mortal Kombat. Explore the cheesy openings and bloody finishers with your friends who will soon become your nemesis. Just remember, practice those combos in order to execute sweet moves that will make those nasty “rage quitters” difficult to quit.

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