Little Nightmares II: A New Twisted Adventure Awaits


Following the success of Little Nightmares, Bandai Namco Entertainment released its sequel on February 11, 2021. Little Nightmares II takes you on a new journey filled with more horrifying enemies and engaging platforming gameplay. Like its predecessor, it doesn’t rely on jumpscares to make you feel the eerie nature of the game. It instead lets you explore a huge, dark world along with dangerous enemies out to get you. It unnerves you making you feel that there’s no place to hide and nowhere is safe. You also get to solve challenging puzzles that can make or break your dark adventure.

The enemy designs of the game are beautifully crafted – if not horrifying. Each one is unique, has its backstories, and insane abilities. They also have different weaknesses you can exploit to survive. Every level in this horror-platformer title will have you face different grotesque monsters. They often come as hindrances as you solve puzzles at every stage. You can try to defeat them, but there will always be a monster too big and too scary to overcome. So work together with your friend Six to solve puzzles, defeat monsters, and survive the dark world of Little Nightmares II.


Little Nightmares II game
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Survive A Distorted New World

Your journey in Little Nightmares II picks up from where the previous game left off. The mysterious child in the yellow raincoat Six managed to escape the horrors of the Maw. It is a vessel where corrupted souls live – looking for their next meal. Six’s tenacity and cunning nature paved the way for her to survive the vessel. But her nightmares are far from over as she wakes up in a world unknown to her. Filled with a mystery all on its own, she must find a way to survive this new horror. This time, she won’t be alone.

Enter Mono, a young man who witnessed his world suddenly twisting into a dark, twisted version of its former self. The pulse of the signal tower turned everything around him into hateful creatures hell-bent on wreaking havoc. His only form of respite against the terrifying creatures is the paper bag he wears like a mask. Mono needs to muster up the courage to go to the Signal Tower. His task is to figure out why his world was transformed into a complete nightmare. He will make the journey alongside Six– a young girl who harbors a mystery on her own.


Little Nightmares II PC
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Encounter New Grotesque Enemies

The game will have you encounter many terrifying enemies. All of them are a twisted version of their former selves before the Signal tower affected them. Possessing nothing but their primal instincts and inhuman skills, they will try their hardest to hinder you in your journey. They are dangerous and would stop at nothing to take you down. One example is the infamous Doctor who is obsessed with perfection. He lurks in the shadows along with his patients, ever-searching for another victim to make “perfect.”

Your adventure will also take you to The Teacher’s Classroom where she rules with a cold gaze. She demands absolute silence and those who defy her command will disappear without a trace. Little Nightmares II will also force you to face little bullies who are always looking to hurt anyone in their way.

This game takes platforming to a whole new level by incorporating horror, puzzles, and challenging enemies into one package. If you’re a fan of both genres, then you should try this out. This magnificent piece of art is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. See if you have what it takes to survive your little nightmare.