COD Warzone 4

Call Duty Warzone Season 4 Latest Patch Overview


Raven Software recently unleashed the latest patch for Call of Duty: Warzone. It has weapon adjustments and bug fixes and will enable the lootable perks in Fortune’s Keep. The new patch is a follow-up to the massive Season 4 update that went life last June. Let’s check out the patch details and learn which weapons received balanced adjustments and the various bug fixes.

Patch Game Details

The first on the list points to the lootable perks now enabled on Fortune’s Keep. This means that you can now scour the hybrid map for powerful bonuses. Next are the various bug fixes brought about by the patch. The first fix applies to the collision issues that allow players to exploit multiple elements in the Caldera Map. This means that players can no longer shoot and peek through those elements.
Caldera Map Call of Duty-min

Another issue fixed by the patch is the Black Market Buy Stations exploit that allows players to access restricted areas. Additional fixes are no good that caused the F zombie to T pose. The problem causing the UAV HUD/Tac Map sweep not to originate from the player icon and the case involving the H4 Blixen (VG) interrupt time.

Players who could not purchase loadout at the beginning of a private battle royale match may do so now since the issue is fine. The final fix was for the audio-visual out-of-bounds warning that gets stuck on screen upon re-entry.

What Else To Expect in Call of Duty?

The patch also includes weapon balance adjustments for weapons, attachments, muzzles, and under barrels. First on the list is the assault rifle NZ-41 (VG). It went down from 1.1 to on the lower torso damage multiplier. The Orb Weaver 360mm BC attachment decreased from 25% to 30%.

The 6.5mm Sakura 50 Round Mags’ Vertical Recoil control comes down to 40%. It all came down from the original 20%, along with the 45% decrease in the horizontal recoil from the authentic 45%. The Light Machine Gun UGM-8 (VG) also got adjustments starting with the muzzle velocity, which lessened by 4%.
6.5mm Sakura 50 Round Mags' Vertical Recoil

The Bernard XL214 736mm attachment’s muzzle velocity is now down to 35% from the original 50%. Next is the overpowered Romuald 560mm DA barrel that now comes with a max damage of 29 from the original 32.

The upper torso damage multiplier of the barrel comes down by 10%. The Muzzle Velocity was reduced to 10% from the original 35%. Lastly, a 25% reduction of the recoil control was also applied after firing the second bullet. Both .50 BMG 50 Round Box and 50 BMG 75 Round Box now have a Muzzle Velocity of 20%, down from the original 30%.

Moving forward, the 6.5mm Sakura 125 Round Box magazine got a -20% muzzle velocity decrease from the original -15%, along with the rate of fire which was nerfed to 4% from 5%. Recoil control is now down to 15% from 20%, with the movement speed scaler at 0.98.

Wrapping Things

Wrapping the adjustments is the .303 British 75 Round Box which received a Damage Range buff to -15% from the previous -20%. In addition, is the recoil control which is now at 15%, which is a nerf from the original 20%. Balanced updates were also good to sniper rifles, wherein the 3-Line Rifle (VG), the Kar98k (VG), and the Type 99 (VG) got a 4% muzzle velocity buff.

The 4 Types of Submachine

Four types of Submachine Guns are in the latest patch starting with the H4 Blixen (VG), which now comes with a 9.92-meter max damage range down from the previous 12.46 and a 17.3 mid-damage range down from the last 19.84.
Call of Duty Warzone 4 Submachine

Next is the Jönsson 9″ RMK, which now comes with a 15.2-meter max damage range down from the previous 17.17 meters. The third SMG affected by the update is the Marco 5 (VG), which received a Hipfire accuracy nerf in prone or crouch position.

Finally, the Perfetto Lesto 355mm received a nerf on movement speed which is now at 5% from the previous 10%. The Lengthened Ammunition’s Muzzle Velocity comes 8% from 10%. Decreased to 8%.

This factor comes along with the MX Silencer, which now has a Muzzle Velocity of 12%, down from 15%. Moreover, the M1941 Handstop under barrel’s recoil control comes down to 3.5% from the previous 4%.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 Notable Features

Season 4 has enough content to keep players busy throughout the entire season. Due to the vastness of the contents, we cherry-picked what we think are the most unique contents. The first is the Mercenaries of Fortune Event (June 22 – July 7). It comes with eight challenges set in Caldera and Fortune’s Keep. The event has many rewards from reticule to a Legendary animated calling card.

Next is the Fortune’s Keep Map, which, for the most part, is a breath of fresh air in Battle Royale. The map comprises highly-detailed locations like the Keep, Town, Smuggler’s cove, and winery. The map also comes with a new event called Mercenary Cash Extraction, a new contract called Black Market Supply Run, and the Sequencer Grenade, a new Tactical Equipment.

Bottom Line

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 will require 21.3 GB for the PlayStation 5, 21.3 GB for the PlayStation 4, 27.2 GB for the Xbox One Series X/S, 27.5 GB for the Xbox One, 23 GB (Warzone), and 26.1 GB (Warzone and Modern Warfare) of space for PC.