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Video Game Monsters – The Horror Games’ Six Scariest Monsters


Video games are the perfect escape from a reality full of uncertainty. Most of the game categories enable you to have total control over the gameplay’s outcome. But predictability becomes boring, especially when you know what will happen next. There is always a need for a feeling of thrill to keep the motivation going. Luckily, horror games bring you the type of adventure that you will surely love. You will find in this game category the surefire cure for boredom: Surprises.

Fear is a critical element of our response. That is why you thrive to survive in harsh and chaotic environments in every gameplay. Not just because you want your avatar not to die, but it also implies your competency to play. But horror games are always different. You are playing to get surprised because fear is exciting when you have no idea what you will witness. That’s why when you face a scary character in a video game, you become curious about it.

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Horror games feature unsettling environments where tension is always an unavoidable emotion. This is suitable for those who love to explore their deepest part of fear. Fortunately, there are many horror video games available to play. In this blog, we are going to discuss the scariest monsters from the best horror video games. Each monster is unique in its way, and you should know about them if you’re planning to play. So, without any further talk, let us know each of these scariest video game monsters.

Silas from The Quarry

You probably play this horror game if you are an adventure seeker in the world of gaming. The Quarry follows the story of the nine camp counselors who become subjected to a harsh fate. In the game, they experience the night of terror, which you should know if you are a new player. The grueling scenes happen in a place called Hacket’s Quarry. The gameplay’s objective is to break the curse by doing one task. Players need to kill Silas, the source of all curses that pervades the gameplay.

video game monsters

Silas does not frequently appear in the entire gameplay. He is portrayed in the game as a different werewolf, other than the ones we know in mainstream entertainment. In The game, he looks like a hairless werewolf, having elongated arms, ears, and fangs. Meeting him can be a terrible experience while playing the game. But it is worth it, especially if you know what to do.

The Baby from Resident Evil Village

Have you ever imagined the weirdest faces of monster babies in any video game? That would be your greatest fear when you encounter them in surprise. But what if you meet The Baby from the game Resident Evil Village? What would be your reaction?

video game monsters

The Baby appears in the game as a giant fetus with misshapen features having a wide mouth. His terrifying objective in the House Beneviento is to swallow anyone he catches. The most unpredictable thing about him is his giggles and will spite fear out of you.

Virginia from The Forest

Having this name can let anyone expect that this is a protagonist from some games. But in the horror game The Forest, he is one of the most avoided monsters any player can encounter. He appears to be a mutated creature with many limbs like a spider. The worst parts are her hands, which are protruding from her abdomen, and her featureless face. She is one of the byproducts of a supernatural artifact called Resurrection Obelisk.

Red Chomper from Darkwood

Have you ever played a survival horror game? It would be exciting to try one like Darkwood that features overly grotesque horrors. The game will bring you into a world where you can only get out by day, and be home at night. You should wait until dawn inside your home because dangers are lurking outside.

video game monsters

One of the video game monsters that will devour you if you encounter him is the Red Chomper. They are so scary that they can attack you even if they are already cut in half. Their design in the game is so grotesque that it is advisable not to play the game if you’re faint-hearted. But this is your cup of tea if you are into feelings of suspense.

Valtiel from Silent Hill 3

As one of the horror games that features the scariest monsters, Silent Hill 3 brings you its scariest Valtiel. This monster is known to be a servant of God and observes Heather throughout the game. In the masterpiece of Masahiro Ito, Valtiel comes out in the form of a human with a leathery face.

video game monsters

The terrifying experience when you encounter him in the game is the jolting movement of his head. It is undeniably terrifying that you will not expect that he is under the command of the sacred. Well, you will surely know the reason if you play the game.

Twin Victims from Silent Hill 4: The Room

Probably the scariest monster not just in the Silent Hill series, but also in the entire horror game. Encountering the monster in the game is harshly a statement of ambivalence. The monster appears to have a peaceful expression of childlike faces in one body.

video game monsters

The part where all reasons come to abide by fear starts with his gigantic arms used as a pair of legs. Added to that bizarre features are its disturbing sounds that greatly describe monstrous representation. It is a total nightmare to meet this monster in the game, which lets you question forms and odds.

Bottom Line

Monsters are always the staple of horror games. They provide you with the feeling of surprise, which is also what you need to play it more. For more updates about these video game monsters, stay tuned here on PlayPC!

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