Rainbow Six Siege: The Grand Larceny Event Review

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After waiting for a couple of months, Rainbow Six Siege introduced a brand-new limited-time event called The Grand Larceny: a bank-heist style game mode where Defenders must protect 5 safes in the old Hereford Base while the Attackers must either kill all 5 enemies or open 3 safes to win the round. It is arguably the most refreshing game mode since the short-lived Golden Gun mode back in March.

For this review, it will just be a quick summary of the game mode since there is nothing much to talk about. Also, check out Get_Flanked’s information and gameplay video of the event.

A Change of Pace

Unlike the usual Casual/Unranked/Ranked matches, Grand Larceny is all about arcadey fun and taking advantage of Ubisoft’s destruction engine. It is dumb fun and a great way to get away from the textbook slow-paced tactical gameplay.

The game sets itself in a 20’s mafia theme where selected Operators wear exclusive Grand Larceny skins. These Operators include Warden, Wamai, Maestro, Kaid, Echo, Hibana, Gridlock, Maverick, Fuze, and Amaru. You get to earn these skins permanently through the Alpha Packs.

It is also a great way to reminisce on the old Hereford Base too; especially considering how almost everyone thought it felt so broken before (not like the rework feels anything balanced either though).


Destruction Everywhere

You play Grand Larceny for the destruction. Siege is at its best when everything in the map is crumbling and Grand Larceny does just that. The destructible floors make the best part of the game, giving you new routes and possible exploits to your advantage. Another unique part of the game is that everyone in the event only carries a shotgun. Due to the shotgun, expect nothing but full of giant holes on the soft walls, ceilings and floors. Do you want to make a player fall to their death from the 3rd floor to the basement? This game mode does just that. Also, this game mode serves as a great opportunity to hone your shotgun skills for the normal matches. Or, to justify that the Supernova is useful (spoiler: it isn’t).


A Quick Experience

Grand Larceny does not take much of your time. If everyone is fast in finishing the rounds, you can finish the game in just 5 minutes. Renown acquisition are the same here when you finish the game mode, which is a perfect time to exploit some good grind. This is also great for Season Pass holders thanks to their bonus Renown count and higher chances of getting alpha packs per match.


Some Problems with Grand Larceny

While the game feels destructive and downright fun minus the tactical approach, it does get stale over time. In fact, it only took me and my buddies a total of 4 hours until we got tired of the game mode in a day. Also, a lot of players agree that the game favors Attackers more than Defenders. If you do not play carefully as a Defender, Attackers can finish a round in less than a minute since a lot of safes spawn near windows and doors.


The Grand Larceny feels great until you experience the redundancy as time goes by. You can play the limited event mode in Rainbow Six Siege from May 5 to May 19.