MARVEL Super War: Better Than Mobile Legends?


There is so much excitement surrounding the release of Marvel Super War. The game was just released in December 2019, and it garnered fairly positive reviews. Since it is Marvel’s first multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, it piqued the interests of both Marvel fans and gamers alike. Right now, eager players are already comparing the game to popular MOBA strategy games like Mobile Legends.

So the real question is, would it actually hold up against Mobile Legends? The only way to know is to actually play these 2 games. But if you want to get a general idea, let us help you by discussing some of Marvel Super War’s major features first.


Play With Your Favorite Marvel Superheroes

The game is not titled Marvel Super War for nothing. It has the original Marvel superheroes like Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and so much more. Like any other standard MOBA game, it features a 5v5 battle on a wide three-lane map. So gather your friends, create your ultimate crew, and dive into the exciting world of Marvel Super War!


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The developer seems to have successfully applied the usual MOBA formula. Each superhero character has abilities and special powers that can either be advantageous or disadvantageous in a battle. For example, if you are looking for a marksman, your best bet would be Hawkeye and Star-Lord. But if you need assassins, then the Black Panther and Black Widow are your best bets.


MARVEL Super War: Impressive Graphics and Gameplay

One of the best features of Marvel Super War is that the game’s graphics are quite impressive. There are exquisite details to every character’s designs, which makes it true to form. It highlights one of its best selling points by leveraging much on Marvel’s characters and back stories.

The rules are fairly straightforward. You will choose a certain hero and play in a team of five and play against a team of the same number. To win the battle, your team should annihilate the opponent’s defense towers. Just like every MOBA game, Marvel Super War’s gameplay is very simple and basic. And it is a wonderful addition to the MOBA gaming scene.


Weak Spots of MARVEL Super War

Like any other game, Marvel Super War is not immune to flaws. There are some complaints among gamers that there is a power level imbalance among the characters. It is as if some of the characters got the short end of the stick while others are designed to be too strong.

Aside from that, there are also a few technical issues and glitches. Some players complain that the controls are not responding well, and that some devices cannot accomodate the game.

These can be quite disastrous and discouraging for most mobile players. However, given that the game is still fairly new, the developers still have time to correct and recalibrate the game. Imbalances and technical glitches can be easily patched with a new update or version.


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Can It Hold Up Against Mobile Legends?

The answer is a big YES. Although MARVEL Super War has some recalibrating to do, it can very well keep up with other MOBA games such as Mobile Legends. And because the game carries the biggest superhero names to date, players can be easily hooked in.

However, Mobile Legends is pretty established in the MOBA scene. It also has a big and established player-base. It would take some more time to convince a lot of players to try and go over a new MOBA game like MARVEL Super War.

While the game has all the elements of a great MOBA game, it does not add anything new in terms of gameplay. However, it does capitalize on the popularity of its superhero characters. Therefore, the game has a lot of potential – it just needs some more time to take off.