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Does Sudoku Make You Smarter?


Are you a fan of Sudoku? You probably hear this question a lot or might have encountered it too many times. Will playing Sudoku regularly make you smarter?

The short answer: yes, the game can make you smarter but in a limited sense. Sudoku will not make you a genius in the same way that push-ups and squats will not transform you into a super athlete. But it can make you mentally sharper.

The nature of the game requires you to make decisions as to what number to place in the boxes. Some boxes are easier to fill; others can get really hard. So Sudoku will train your brain to think quickly and make better decisions based on the clues in the game.

Want to know how Sudoku makes you stay mentally sharp? In no particular order, here are some of the benefits of this number game.


Improve Your Neuroplasticity

Among the benefits of playing Sudoku regularly is improved neuroplasticity. Just like riddles and crossword puzzles, this game can enhance your ability to look at a problem from different angles.

Sudoku can refine the way you view things and anticipate the surfacing of new elements previously unseen. As a result, you get better at spotting new patterns and identifying solutions to problems.


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Sudoku Sharpens Your Logical Intelligence

Did you know there are seven types of intelligence? Logic is among them. This pertains to the ability to think logically, identify connections, and see relationships when solving problems. Logical intelligence is also an integral part of critical thinking.

Sudoku is essentially a game of logic. It sharpens that part of your brain that processes reason, judgment, and rationality through the use of numbers. By playing this number game regularly, you can improve your ability to process abstract ideas.


Helps Prepare Your for Competitive Exams

Memory works side by side with logic. So while you are figuring out the number to place on the blank space, Sudoko is sharpening your memory.

By training your brain in the field of logical thinking, abstract reasoning, and identifying connections, Sudoku can sharpen you mentally. This is why this number game is perfect when you need to prepare for a competitive exam.


Enhances Concentration Power

Sudoku requires concentration as the players need to figure out the proper placement of the numbers of blank spaces. It is interesting to note that failure to concentrate may result in doing the same process all over again. This happens when players stop in the middle of the game. When they return to it, they will have to redo the whole thinking process.

Thus, careful strategy and creative thinking play huge factors in the game. As a result, you get to sharpen your thinking and concentration skills. On the other hand, if the players need to redo the game, it also sharpens their re-focus skills.


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Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Keeping the mind active is the key to lowering the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Because Sudoku stimulates the mind, it is a fun and entertaining activity that can save your brain from the disease.

Sudoku raises the levels of nervousness and physiological activity in the brain. This results from the logical thinking process involved in solving the puzzles. By keeping the brain activity high, you can minimize the risk of developing the disorder.


Great Way to Pass the Time

Need a fun distraction while waiting for something? Sudoku is a wonderful game that cures you of your boredom during your idle time. It is better than just mindlessly browsing through your social media feed or daydreaming. It is definitely a better company that keeps your mind off your imaginary problems, triggering anxiety.

Solving one puzzle can give you a sense of accomplishment, especially when it is difficult. This is why Sudoku is good for your mood. It can make you feel happy.

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