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The Best Sims Games for an Incredible Life Simulation Experience


When it comes to games that simulate real-life experiences, The Sims of games is likely one of the best you can play. The games, which were published by Electronic Arts, provide people with realistic simulations of life. They get to experience what it’s like to apply for jobs, pay a mortgage on their new house, deal with neighbors, and more. They’re games where people are free to live the kind of life that they’ve always dreamed of. People enjoyed playing these games, which is why there are many of them. But which are the best Sims games among them?

What are the Best Sims Games Available Right Now?

Which among these many Sims games is the best one you can play? Well, that’s what we’ll discuss in this article. We’ll rank the best Sims games you can play and why they’re great below.

5. The Sims Online

Coming in at number five of the Best Sims games is The Sims Online. It’s the first Sims game that became available online. It was released in 2002, a period in which the internet is just beginning its influence on gaming. Since this is the period where developers are still trying to make use of the internet for their games, The Sims Online didn’t come out without its fair share of issues. The game was laggy and there were still some bugs and issues with the gameplay.

But despite all that, it was a very fun and exciting game for many people. And why not? It’s the first Sims game that allowed players to interact with others online. It opened the virtual world to them, allowing them to create their homes and build the life of their sims and share it with others. If this game didn’t have any issues or they were minor, it would be higher on this list. But because of that, it’s only coming in at number five.

the sims online
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4. The Sims 4

The fourth best Sims game you can play is The Sims 4, which is also the latest Sims game to come out. There have been good expansions packs for The Sims 4, with the latest being The Sims 4: High School Years. But nothing still beats the main game. It’s only ranked this high, despite being the latest game in the franchise, because it wasn’t widely well-received. Many players were expecting a lot, but the game didn’t deliver. It did provide some great improvements compared to its three predecessors.

But these improvements are minor. The Sims 4 game didn’t bring anything new or unique that makes it different from the other three games. The game also lacks many of the features that people loved about the first three games like an open world, world creation, and many more. The developers, though,The Financial Gamer are doing their best to update and introduce some of these features to The Sims 4. But there are still many of them that are left out. Maybe once the features that many fans enjoyed are finally available, the ranking of this game could change. But for now, it remains at number four.

the sims 4
Image Source: The Sims 4 Gameplay


3. The Sims

For the third rank, we have the original The Sims game. It’s the game that introduced the franchise to the world. It’s also the foundation or baseline game that developers used in creating the other games in the series. Though the original game is already incomparable to the more modern games of the franchise, it still ranks higher than other games. It’s because of how innovative and unique it was when it first launched.

Everybody enjoyed playing it for the first time because it was a game like no other. Players were playing the game for hours, just creating the kind of life they dreamed of having or building that dream house they always wanted. It provided players with a game that can mimic real life, as well as enough fantasy to allow a player’s imagination to run wild.

The sims


2. The Sims 2

The Sims 2 is an example of a good sequel game. Not only did it come with features everybody loved, but it also added improvements that made it way better. The initial release of the second game was a smashing success, considering how well received it was by critics and players. The better graphics and gameplay made it more fun to play. The added features also provided a new dynamic to the game that was not included in the first. One of those features is more customization options, including character creation.

It allowed players to be more unique in the game and showcase their personalities. The added customization for the characters was especially great. It allows players to create Sims that can look similar to them or to someone they know, which makes the simulation game more fun to play. You can even customize a Sim’s personality and characteristics, which were revolutionary at that time. It was a great game, which is why it deserved to be in the second rank.

the sims 2
Image Source: The Sims 2


1. The Sims 3

As for the best Sims game that you can play, that goes to The Sims 3. It’s an installment that’s beloved among everyone who played Sims. And it’s probably one of the reasons why The Sims 4 didn’t do well. People’s expectations were high, so The Sims 4 not providing anything that surpasses The Sims 3, contributed to its disappointing reception. What makes The Sims 3 the favorite of many fans of the series is the introduction of the open world. And so far, it’s the only Sims game that provides that feature.

The open-world feature allowed players to virtually create their world, not just their houses or their neighborhood. So, this opened up a lot of possibilities for everyone and also made other game features like vehicles more relevant. But aside from the open world The Sims 3 also further expanded its customization features and also introduced the concept of receiving many different expansions and new content.

The sims 3
Image Source: The Sims 3


What Do You Think are the Best Sims Games?

The other Sims games are great and fun in their own right. But they just don’t compare to The Sims 3. It’s by far the most popular game in the franchise and will likely continue to do so. Unless The Sims 5 puts out something that’s out of this world, we can expect The Sims 3 to remain everyone’s favorite Sims game. But if you’re looking for more news or updates regarding any of the Sims games, stay tuned here in PlayPC!

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