Summoners War Best Monsters Guide 2020


Author: James

Summoners War Tier List 2020 – The Monsters You should watch out for.


Summoners War is not a game that you can cheese using powerful monsters alone. Instead, it is a complex game where you have to get the most out of the little pool of monsters you have. It’s a game where you have to use the right tools for the job instead of pounding the problem with a Nat5 jackhammer. That being said, here is a list of the best summoners war monsters as of 2020. Take note that we only included the nat4 meta monsters that are so unique you won’t find a substitute for them. Ranging from support monsters to ignore def nukers, these monsters will definitely change your game.



Chasun is an overpowered healer. Both her S2 and S3 are powerful heals that can pierce even the unrecoverable state. As a bonus, your monsters will get an attack buff from her heals!



Galleon’s S3  is the only AOE  skill that can buff your attack power and break your opponent’s def both at the same time. His S3 won’t even glance, so you can put him on your team no matter your opponent’s elements. With his S3, you can use him not only for your PVP cleave teams but also speeding up your dungeon clear times.



Lushen is an absolute beast with an AOE S3 ignore def. He can take down entire teams without def breaking them, so he’s arguably the best Nat4 nuker around. If Lushen manages to move first, your squishies are guaranteed to die right off the bat. Well, at least if it’s a player-controlled Lushen because his AI tends to be derpy.


Lushen is so good that players don’t mind if they get a double Lushen. In fact, dungeon speed clears usually have multiple Lushens!


The Twins (Esp Maruna and Shaina)

No matter the element, Boomerang Dancers and Chakram Dancers are great to have. They excel in everything except RTA and will greatly improve your dungeon clear times. The cherry on top is their Guild Content speed bonus, so it’s common to see them on GVGs and Sieges. They are arguably the queens of Nat4 siege towers.



Hwa is a hybrid fire CC and Nuker. Her ATB reductions and sheer offensive power makes her one of the best PVP-PVE fire monsters around. Her Burning Whip passive lets her attack again with a 25% chance while also reducing the target’s ATB.

She may not be the best nuker, but she’s the best single target ATB controller that can wreak havoc if used in the right situation.



Tyron is the prince of freeze (prince because Verad is the king). He’s one of the former meta monsters that were slowly powercreeped and eventually brought back to the scene by a balance patch. With his AOE freeze + slow S3, no low-res monster can move if Tyron moves first. The best part here is his S2 that can land a glancing hit and empty the ATB of those who got slow from his S3. If Tyron has maxed out skills and manages to get good Vio procs, only high res cleansers can save the day.



If you don’t have good speed stats, you can focus them all on Chloe so that she can guarantee that your team will survive before their turn. With her AOE invincibility + immunity buff, she’s great for protecting your team until your team can get a jump on your foes. But if you plan to do so, start praying that she won’t get banned.



Garo, just like many monsters on this list, has a unique skill. Garo can negate an attack that will bring his HP to zero. What’s more amazing is his passive can proc once until he moves again, so if you rune him with Nemesis and vamp, he can repeatedly refresh his passive.



Verdehile used to be a sought-after monster, until they made him fuseable. Now, he is one of those monsters that you should fuse. With his passive, he can increase the attack bar of your monsters by 20% each time he crits. Since both his S1 and S2 hit 2 times, Verde can raise your monsters’ attack bars by 40% a turn. Rune him with violent and revenge and both your PVP and PVE enemies will rarely get a turn.



Orion is one of the best ATB boosters in the game. He increases your team’s ATB by 30%, does and AOE def break, puts random debuffs on your enemies, and has a 30% chance to get another turn when using S1. Yup. He’s an unpredictable X factor that can change your game.



Skogul is a relatively new monster, but he’s nevertheless an extremely powerful bruiser. It normally takes many hits to take down a Skogul, but his passive will decrease his S2 cooldown everytime you hit him. This makes him a constant threat that you can’t eliminate right away.